Newspaper Article : North Bay Nugget August 5, 1970

COBALT -- Twenty-seven miners on their way to work the graveyard shift at Cobalt Lode could have lost their lives when the bus which they were riding went out of control and almost plunged down a nearby rock cut. Bus driver Aimee Latreille, who has been doing the route for the past four months, said he was startled by a dark form which walked across the road in front of him.

"At first I thought it was a big bear. But then it turned to face the headlights and I could see some light hair, almost down to the shoulders. It couldn't have been a bear."

Although no one was hurt, Mr. Latreille said he did not know if he would continue to drive the bus. "I have heard of this thing before but never believed it. Now I am sure."

One of the miners at the front of the bus said he just caught a brief glance of the creature. Larry Cormack said it "looked like a bear to me at first, but it didn't walk like one. It was kind of half stooped over. Maybe it was a wounded bear, I don't know."

Mr. Cormack added that he did not believe the PreCambrian Shield Man existed anyway. "My father used to talk about it, but I've seen it close up," he pointed out.

From the book Sasquatch, The Apes Among Us by John Green

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