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Article submitted by Kathy Moskowitz

Tuesday, January 29, 1963

The Mountain Monster JEST OR GIANT?

Union Democrat - Sonora, California

A reappearance of a hair-covered creature from Mendocino county or an unseasonal foray by a native brown bear have been suggested as possible basis for reports of a monster in a wooded area west of Cold Spring.

Deputy Sheriff William Huntley, who heard the unidentified creature shrieking for a 31/2 hour period Sunday night, said he has contacted a Mendocino county resident to discuss similar reports in that area two and three years ago.

"Responsible people (in Mendocino and adjoining counties) did see an individual or thing," Huntley noted. "They described it as 'mostly hair" - just a big hairy individual."

Huntley and Sheriff Miller Sardella joined in a plea for additional information from an unidentified man who called the sheriff's office to report spotting a giant creature near Peter Pam subdivision Sunday night. The caller refused to give his name on grounds the officers would think he was crazy. The man's companion, also declining to give his name, said he had seen tracks of the monster.

"If we could get these people to come in or call and tell us just what they did see, we could make a lot more sensible approach to this thing," Huntley noted. "We would listen with reason and wouldn't put them in a strait jacket. If they did see a thing of the description, it's important to the community, the sheriff's office and everyone concerned."

Sardella feels the creature spotted Sunday night was a bear. "This the first year I can remember we haven't had snow in the mountains by this time," he notes. "Those animals are nervous and hungry. They're usually hibernating by November."

The noise heard by Huntley and reserve Deputy Elbert Miller, Sardella said, could have been made by an owl or a mountain lion.

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