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Monday, November 10, 2003

Beast or bunk: researchers chase mysterious creature

By Lance West
NewsChannel 4

There have been numerous sightings of a mysterious beast in the mountains of southeast Oklahoma. Now, a scientific team claims they have proof of the ape-like primate.

The first reported sighting was back in the 1800s. Since then, dozens of Oklahomans claim to have seen a strange ape-like creature.

The rich, crisp colors of fall highlight the picturesque mountains of southeast Oklahoma. But are you alone here? It's so peaceful, so secluded you can almost hear the leaves drop.

Until, unexplained haunting screams echo through the trees.

Many believe a large beast lurks in this wilderness, provoking fear and curiosity among the locals.  Green Hill road is famous for the Green Hill monster. Many truly believe a strange creature roams the wilderness of southeast Oklahoma.

Rumor has it that in the fall of 1970 students from Talahina high school drove down a quiet, country road only to confront their worst fears.

"There was a pep rally in town, and after the rally several carloads of students came out here and saw something," said McCawley, who remembers that foggy night very clearly, even though it was more than three decades ago.

"Someone went out to relieve himself away from the cars," McCawley said. "Saw it or it grabbed him and one or two others saw it. After seeing the way they felt when they came out here, I thought there must be something to it."

As legend has it, authorities came to investigate and discovered several dead deer in the area. Their necks had been snapped.

"The local sheriff the first few nights wouldn't let anyone come out here," McCawley said.

Since the 1970 Green Hill incident, there have literally been dozens of other reported sightings. But to date, state wildlife officials have no proof, no photographs no foot prints that Big Foot, Sasquatch or the Green Hill monster really exists.

"I'm aware of the wildlife people on the record saying 'They don't exist.' That's fine. They also say mountain lions aren't here either, but I know better," McCawley said.

Roger Roberts is a private investigator and amateur Big Foot tracker. He's spent the last two years scouring the forests, trying to document the existence of the beast.

"The evidence I have in Oklahoma is very, very compelling, otherwise I wouldn't waste my time and money," said Roberts, who claims to have a catalogue of proof, including mysterious hair samples pulled from a tree branch.

"It is definitely not bear hair," he said. "It comes from an unknown primate."

And, Roberts has pages of unexplained foot prints.

"You can see these are about 16 inches long," he said.

This Big Foot investigator even has surveillance tape and photographs. Roberts says there was even a close encounter with an unidentified animal.

"It was a foggy, cold rainy night in January," Roberts said. "I shined my light and said, 'Damn, what is this?' At least 9- to 10-feet off the ground. The best you could tell in the fog. I illuminated the eyes with a light."

Roberts said the eyes were set far apart, seven to eight inches. They were massive, glowing orbs, pinkish orange.

"I never seen any eyes like that," he said. "They just pulsated for about four seconds and they, they blinked and they were outta there."

State wildlife officials are skeptical.

Any claims of the existence of Big Foot would need to be proven out through the scientific method using researchers and biologists.

"I say to the skeptics, 'Just give us a little more time.' I think the truth will come out," Roberts said. "There's something out here leaving evidence. Right now, it's pointing to Big Foot."

According to the Big Foot field research organization, there have been sightings in 19 different Oklahoma Counties. Most of the sightings come from southeast Oklahoma. But, there were two reported sightings in central Oklahoma: one at Lake Thunderbird in 1995 and one at Edmond's Hafer Park back in 1982.

BFRO Commentary:

Roger Roberts is the senior BFRO investigator in Oklahoma. He served two tours of duty in Vietnam as an Army Ranger.

The article erroneously implies that Roberts and/or the BFRO has access to surveillance tape showing a sasquatch. The photos mentioned are those discussed at the Willow Creek International Bigfoot Symposium (Sept. 2003) and the Texas Bigfoot Conference (Oct. 2003).

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