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Report # 10006  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, December 13, 2004.
A woman has late night sighting when a motion detecting light illuminates her back porch

YEAR: 2004

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December

DATE: 12

STATE: West Virginia

COUNTY: Ohio County

LOCATION DETAILS: Off of rt 2 in warwood.


OBSERVED: hello. some time back i submitted a report about strange noises i and my family had been hearing over the years. i spoke with someone on the phone from bfro about it and informed him that my father had actually seen a bigfoot here in the past. well, much to my shock and horror i have seen one too. i was checking on my children in their bedroom last night at about 1:00 in the morning, when i saw the motion detection light we have mounted on the outside of the house go on. where my childrens bedroom is it is right against a hillside that leads to very dense woods. anything can walk out of the woods and onto a small porch that we have off of my childrens bedroom. well, anyhow as i was saying, i was checking on them and there is a window that you can look out onto this porch {it is on the second floor, but up against the woods} and also a door for access.when the light came on i instinctively looked over to the window because i knew whatever had set it off would be either there on that porch or in the woods. it goes off if a raccoon or a cat scurries by so itis not uncommon for this to occur. when i looked over to that window i could not breathe. all i could see was a massive, coal black, very shaggy haired creature standing there on two very bulky legs looking in the window at me. i felt very frightened, as this window is only about 6 feet from where my childrens beds are. i could not see anything but the two legs and the rear end of this thing because the window has a blind on it that was halfway down. it is one of those straw blinds that you can see through partially. with the light shining behind this thing i could make out the perfect outline of it's upper body. i am about 5 feet tall and this thing was, i am guessing, about 8 feet tall because it towered over the window. it just stood there for a brief moment and then went in the direction of the woods. i was too scared to go over to the window and look and see where it went. i took my children into my bedroom last night and i laid awake in fear all night.what i keep remembering is the muscles and the bulk in the legs. the rear end {the butt} also was quite muscular. and that ratty coal black fur. there was no smell at all and it made no noise. i am sure that the light coming on suddenly spooked it, but i got the impression that it was curious as to what was inside my home. it gives me the shakes to think of it. it was a cold winter night last night, but the ground was still muddy so i mustered up some courage this morning and went looking for tracks.i found some long slide marks on the hillside as if something had slid down the mud. no distinct footprints though.

ALSO NOTICED: have been hearing strange howl/moans for years. also chuckling noises. have many broken trees.have smelled awful wet dog/sulfur smells before.

OTHER WITNESSES: just me. kids were asleep.

OTHER STORIES: no, the closest i have seen would be in steubenville, ohio, which is about 30 miles up river from me.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 1:00 in the morning. there was some moonlight out. it was a cold rain and it was windy. there was a motion detection light that it set off.

ENVIRONMENT: valley between two high ridges. a creek runs through it. steep hillsides up to the ridges. dense woods. abandoned coal mines. old coal access road.lots of wild berry vines.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Steven P:

I have spoken with this witness and have found her to be credible.

A motion sensing light was installed in October to shine on the hillside after hearing an assortment of odd noises coming from the surrounding woods the past summer. These noises included long, deep screams, breaking branches, and once the source of the screams imitated an ambulance siren that was passing in front of the property.

The house is located part way up a hollow so that it backs up against a steep hillside. I spent a number of minutes having the witness describe the layout of the house and the porch to understand this arrangement. The porch is supported by a poured concrete and cement brick retaining wall which is flush with the hillside.

This incident began when the witness had walked down the hallway to visit the restroom. As she returned the motion light went on and she stepped into her son's room to look out the window. The window begins at two feet above the porch and is approximately three feet wide by four feet tall. The witness could directly observe portions of the leg to about midway up the torso of the animal. The outline that was visible behind the window shade ended before the top of the shoulders. The witness further stated it was as wide as the window before it turned and moved off. The bulk of what she saw left a lasting impression upon her.

No other incidents have transpired in the last month.