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Report # 10486  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, February 4, 2005.
Early morning sighting near Bon Aqua

YEAR: 94 or 95


MONTH: October

STATE: Tennessee

COUNTY: Hickman County

LOCATION DETAILS: It is located right off Hwy 100 in Hickman Co, TN the house that I lived in is about 1 1/2 miles east of the Hwy 100 & Hwy 7 intersection. It is about 4 miles west of the Hickman/Williamson Co Line. About 45 minutes west of Nashville


NEAREST ROAD: Highway 100

OBSERVED: It was early one morning, probally around 6:00 am, and i was up and decided to go into the kitchen and wash dished from the night before while my children were asleep. We were renting a house right off hwy 100 in Hickman County. It was an older farm house and had several acers of fenced in land back behind it. About half way in the middle of this field behind the house, it was crossed fenced from one tree line across to another tree line. So, after I had finished the dishes I walked over to the back window in the kitchen. I looked out and right past where the feild was cross fenced, I saw something walking. I took a second look because I could not beliece what I had just seen. It was a very large creature walking as if it were in a big hurry to cross the field to get to the trees on the opposite side. It was tall enough that I could see down to it's legs over the fence. It was a tan color with places that were darker as if it were wet or muddy. It's hair was long on it's arms and on it's face. I could only really see it's eyes and nose for the hair. when it passed a break in the fence, I could see that it's legs were also covered in long hair. I watched it until it disappeared into the trees on the other side of the field. I had even ran from the kitchen window into the bedroom window to watch it. I never went down to look for tracks that it might have left because I was too scared. And I also never told anyone for a long time because they might think that I was crazy. They still to this day think that I am crazy but I believe what I saw was the real thing. I believe I saw bigfoot. And I will always say that I did.

ALSO NOTICED: Nothing that I know of, but we just rented the house for about 4 months.

OTHER WITNESSES: Just me. My children were asleep.

OTHER STORIES: No, not that I have been told.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was around 6:00 am, the sun was up, but it was kind of gloomy.

ENVIRONMENT: It was in a field behind the house that had a tree line on both sides of it.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Tony Gerard:

Tony Gerard 3/30/05

I spoke with the witness by phone. The sighting lasted several minutes. She estimated the height of the creature as "maybe nine feet," and described its body build as "big, muscular." The head "wasn't pointed, more rounded," and the neck was not that visible because "it was covered in hair." The body hair was "kind of long, like a sheep dog." "I could see its whole face wasn't covered in hair, but it had hair all around it." The creature's arms "came pretty far past the hips, almost to the knees."

It walked quickly with "a big stride, like a human. It swung its arms as it walked." Although the witness still lives in the same area, she has had no other sightings and is unaware of anyone else locally who has.

About BFRO Investigator Tony Gerard:

Tony Gerard is a community college biology professor.