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Report # 1079  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, January 3, 2001.
Foot steps heard in wood line. Weeks later more sounds heard

YEAR: 1981


MONTH: October

STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Seminole County

LOCATION DETAILS: take Winter Park dr. to the entrance of South Seminole middle school. Once enering stay to the right of the school. Pull into the sand parking lot and head down the dirt road that runs away from the school. At the fence of the school you will see three or four wooden post sticking up out of the ground, go past these post about fifty or sixty feet till you come to the fence at the rear of the school. here the first houses lot begins. Turn around look into the woods, and maybe you will see what we saw that night.

NEAREST TOWN: Casselberry

NEAREST ROAD: Between Elm dr. and Winter Park dr.

OBSERVED: In the fall of 1981. My next door neighbor and myself, were walking down a dirt road in Casselberry. The road runs along side of a wooded tract of land. The land has been reserved for a bird sancturary. Anyway, this road runs behind some homes all the way down to South Seminole middle school. On this evening we were walking to the school for a dance in the gym. It was about 9 p.m.. We were about 50 or 60 yards from the end of the road, where a large opening sits. I had briefly stopped to tie my shoe. Suddenly, we heard crashing sounds, like footsteps only louder. There were 5 or 6 steps, and as we turned to look at what was making the noise, two trees parted as if giant hands were just brushing them aside. Sadly, we were both too scared to stay around any longer. We ran all the way around S.S.M.S. and around the Elementary school. Cut through the catwalk. And, ran the rest of the way home. Several weeks later my mother reported hearing loud noises outside of our house. We owned one of the homes that sat next to this woods. She had said she had been awoken by our pitbull, staring into the woods, barking. She said she had heard these large sounds, almost like foot steps, except she said that they covered far too much ground. She said she had heard four or five steps then the sound of wood breaking. And then a large thrashing sound as though it were shaking large bushes together. The next day my mother, myself and our neighbors went out into the woods to investigate. We found a large branch approximately 10 inches around. Had been torn from a tree. And I do mean torn, this wasn't a cut or a branch that had been struck by lightning. This had been ripped from the tree. Anyway, we lived there for several more years, and although my friends and I spent a whole lot of our summer days and nights searching those woods for some kind of proof. None was ever found by us. I have been wondering for a long time if anyone in that area has exp. the same thing.

ALSO NOTICED: Only what I had already mentioned. My mother witness some strange events just nights later.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2 walking down the road. We weren't looking for any bigfoot.

OTHER STORIES: Of course this kind of started a rash of sightings in this area. However, this was not are intent. In fact we only told our closest friends. And, since some of them ridiculed us we just tried to put it behind us. In fact till now, I had only repeated this to my wife and kids.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: night time It was very dark and I never actually saw it. But something definitely parted the trees about ten to twelve feet above the ground.

ENVIRONMENT: This area is thickly wooded, it was a large bird sanctuary. Although these woods are thick they is alot of marsh in them.

Follow-up investigation report:

I talked with Mr. K. S. over the phone on 1/12/01 and he went over what he and his friend heard that night at the wood line. Mr.K.S. went into great detail about what was observed and also what his mother heard weeks later. I feel he was very truthful in his encounter and seems to be an upstanding person.