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Report # 116  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Mark M. on Saturday, August 19, 2000.
Possible Injured Juvenile on I-84 near Boardman

YEAR: 1995

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: March

DATE: 7-8pm

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Morrow County

LOCATION DETAILS: Drive straight east from Portland along Oregon side of the Columbia River; as the road starts to drift southeast abit at the first noticable incilne.

NEAREST TOWN: largetown Portland, smalltown? (Boardman)

NEAREST ROAD: Can not remember road#

OBSERVED: In the early spring of 1995, a friend of mine and I had just finished a construction job in Vancouver WA ,and were heading back home to Oklahoma.

We left Vancouver in the late afternoon, and made our way down the highway that runs parallel to the Columbia River (I can not remember the # of the road) just after dark we aproached (what the sign said was) the Columbia River Gorge(seeing as how it was dark we did not see much).

The road started to bend south a bit and we came to the first incline and in the headlights of my truck appeared this figure, at first I thought it was some animal that was crossing the road but as we got closer and the lights of the truck became more focused on it, we realized that it was not a common anima!

It looked to be about three to four feet tall with the strangest red colored hair covering it's body. But the thing is, it was sitting in the road facing us with one leg straight out and the other leg out to it's right side, and it was trying to push itself up (as if it had been hit by a car).

Well, I had to swerve into the other lane to avoid hitting the poor thing! All this took place in about a minute or so. My friend and I never said a word until after it was over a minute or so, I said "Charlie...did you see that?" and he replied "I was'nt going to say nothin' till you said something, but yes!

We thought right off of going back but had decided that since it was so small that mother could be near by and we both (being avid hunters )were armed but what we saw was no mule deer or bear or anything else that we had stalked in the past; so we kept driving just to be on the safe side.


OTHER WITNESSES: One other than myself; but, there were cars behind us a mile or so (no cars in front)

OTHER STORIES: Unknown (not from Oregon)

TIME AND CONDITIONS: cool,damp but clear skies

ENVIRONMENT: Right in the middle of the road , dark so no land marks were visible.

Follow-up investigation report:

Two investigators have talked extensively with Mark M.
There is no doubt that Mark M. and Charles O. saw an unidentified smallish creature apparently injured in the roadway.

There is considerable question however, about the darkness related to the time of day and the location near Boardman, which was not included in the original report. Also, a "Columbia River Gorge" sign is mentioned which has not been verified near Boardman.

The investigators have patiently waited for Mark's friend Charles O. to verify the sighting. Until verification of location and time of day occurs, the investigators feel this report is less than stellar.