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Geographical Index > United States > Colorado > Costilla County > Report # 1353
Report # 1353  (Class B)
Submitted by C.H. on Thursday, March 2, 2000.
Father relates Native accounts from the Sangre de Cristo mountains to teenage son.

YEAR: 1940

SEASON: Unknown

STATE: Colorado

COUNTY: Costilla County

NEAREST TOWN: Monument Lake

OBSERVED: Shortly after the Reader's Digest article which discussed the Patterson Film, my dad related something that had been told to him as a teenager in the late 1940s. At that time he was working as a fishing guide during summers at Monument Lake in Southeastern Colorado. In his spare time he used to "hang out" with an old Indian man and go hiking and hunting in the Sangre de Cristo Range. He said that on one occasion he indicated to the old man that he wanted to hike into a new area near Blanca Peak and the Indian said "no we can't go there, because that is where the Sasquatch lives." My dad had never heard of this, but given a brief description he said "oh, you mean a bear." The Indian said "No, this animal walks like a man." My dad chalked it up to superstition, but was surprised when the Patterson film was made public. I didn't notice any other reports from this area so I thought I would send in this info.