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Geographical Index > United States > Colorado > Larimer County > Report # 1367
Report # 1367  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Leona H. on Sunday, December 27, 1998.
Creature was observed chasing deer.

YEAR: 1990

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 10

STATE: Colorado

COUNTY: Larimer County

OBSERVED: My name is Leona H. My son, his wife, a friend, and I saw a Sasquatch on August 10th or 11th ? (on a Sunday) of l990, 11:00 am, on a bright, sunny day, in Larimer County, Roosevelt National Forest, about twenty-five miles northwest of Ft. Collins. I suppose the nearest Hwy would be Hwy 34 that goes through Loveland (about 20 miles away). We had bought a small piece of property and were building a bridge across Buckhorn Creek. We took a break and my son, Dallas C, was scanning a mountain to the west of us with his binoculars when he saw it. My daughter-in-law grabbed the binoculars and looked, and she said, " It's chasing some deer," then, "My God, Mom, it's got knees!" She said it ran into a group of pine trees. I got my binoculars and we stood quietly and waited. Several minutes later it leaped out from the trees and went running across the face of the mountain. I swear, that thing could run like the wind, and this was rugged terrain, but it had a very strange, destinctive gait. The friend that was with us saw it without binoculars. I guarantee you it was not a fake. There is absolutely no possibility that it could have been. No human could run that fast, especially across that rugged mountain, and it was at least seven feet tall. What is puzzling is that it didn't seem to fit with things I have read about them. This one was pitch black, not redish brown, and it was seen in bright daylight in the middle of the day. It was chasing deer, which I think would rule out it being a vegetarian. Another thing I thought really interesting was that a huge bird, maybe a vulture of some kind kept circling around where the thing was, like maybe it was waiting for it to make a kill. My son insisted that it had a tuft of snow white hair on its head. We didn't report this sighting because we didn't think anybody would believe us, plus, we didn't want some gun-happy nuts trying to hunt it down. My husband and I have been living out here ever since that time and we've been staring at that mountain for years, but we've never seen another one. Never-the-less, I feel truly blessed.

ENVIRONMENT: I said most everything in the first box because I didn't notice there were more boxes. I could add though, that our property is about 6,500 ft. elevation and where we saw the Sasquatch was probably a few hundred feet higher. There is a lot of vegetation in this area besides pine trees, and there are a number of creeks and lakes. The area of the mountain where we saw it running was mostly bare and rocky, but it disappeared into a forest of pines. That year when we bought this place, the area was pretty much of a wilderness, though it is more inhabited now. I've never heard of any other sightings around here, but nobody could ever convince us that we didn't see what we know we saw.