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Report # 1423  (Class A)
Submitted by witness L. on Thursday, June 17, 1999.
Witnesses saw creature running down a mountain.

YEAR: 1995

SEASON: Summer




LOCATION DETAILS: Jasper, Alberta, Canada. The Sulphur Skyline

OBSERVED: A friend and I were hiking on the Suplur Ridge Trail. We came to a piece where the trail had fallen away, so we decided to stop for a break. I took out my camera to take a picture of the hotsprings below. I happened to look up at the summit and I noticed someone standing up there. I started waving because I thought it was a person, and since we were the only people on the trail, we'd be walking past them anyways. I even pointed my camera at it, but didn't take the picture because of the distance. The thing didn't wave back, and it was then that I really took a look at it. It was about 6:00 pm so there was plenty of light still. What I saw looked a dark brown man covered with hair. It stood upright and had arms and legs like a human.

After several minutes it started to run down the face of the mountain. (We were below the tree-line, but well in sight of the summit.) At that point I said Holy that guy is nuts! I thought it was a mountain biker, because he decended so quickly. (About 1 1/2 minutes at the most.) It came straight down without using the switch backs and that's when I knew it wasn't human. I immediately thought it was a grizzly or other animal. When it hit the tree-line I realized it couldn't possibly be a bear, because it stood taller than the trees.

My friend and I hadn't heard of any sighting so we didn't have any pre-conceived ideas of what we were looking at. We continued hiking to the summit, mainly out of stupidity. We didn't talk about what we saw or what it could've been. When we hit the top of the tree-line I realized that there was no way a person could've ran down the face of the mountain the way we witnessed that thing do it. The face was covered with loose rocks and gravel making it hard to decend at a fast pace let alone a run. When we returned home we talked to out roommates about the sighting and a friend said it must have been a Sasquatch.

We returned the next day, but didn't see anything. We did, however, take note of the surroundings. The trees at the tree-line were well over 7 feet tall, and the creature towered over them. The area in which it ran to is a place where no human can get to. There are no trails, and it is too steep to try to climb down. The forest there is thick and green and anyone who would stray off the trail could easily be lost.

ALSO NOTICED: On the second hike we heard something behind us on our decent for quite a few meters. Throught the light trees at the tree-line an animal of some sort stayed behind us. We had very little light left, so we were spooked and ran most of the way down.

OTHER WITNESSES: Hiking up the trail towards the summit. We had taken a break and I had my camera out to take a picture of the hotsprings far below us. I took many pictures. I scanned all of them to see if I got a picture of it, but did not.

ENVIRONMENT: Sulphur Ridge is a range in the Rockies. It is a moderate climb that sees a lot of foot traffic in the summer. When we went up we saw only one other hiker. It is a lush forest. I would never stray off the trail out of fear of being lost. The summit is bare. It's high enough to see other mountain ranges. Very windy on top.