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Report # 1450  (Class A)
Submitted by witness J.S. on Tuesday, September 14, 1999.
Motorists and firefighters observe a sasquatch darting across Rt. 224 SE of Odessa

YEAR: 1999


MONTH: September

DATE: 13th

STATE: New York

COUNTY: Schuyler County

LOCATION DETAILS: New York State, USA. Approximately 1-2 miles west of Alpine Junction on Rte. 224 in Chemung County [corrected as Schuyler County, see update note in comments section]

OBSERVED: Driving westbound my brother and I were doing approximately 60 miles per hour on Rte. 224. Three fire trucks from the Odessa-Montour fire dept. were coming in the opposite direction with lights and sirens on as they were responding to a call.

Suddenly, this creature darted across the road from our left to right. It was illuminated by fire trucks and our headlights. I yelled to my brother, "Don't hit that ki-d".

That was when we realized that it was not a human or animal. We thought the lead fire truck was going to hit it. We believe it was spooked by the lights and sirens and panicked. It ran extremely fast on two legs leaning slightly forward with what we estimated today to be a stride of five to six feet as the road was approximately 30 feet wide.

It was completely blackened from head to toe and approximately six to seven feet tall. It swung it's arms in an ape-like fashion at its sides as if to gain momentum. Unlike the way a human pumps their arms and fists for speed when running. That's how we knew it wasn't a person.

The creature did not look in either direction as it darted across the road. It acted like a scared animal. We returned to the site this morning and did not find any tracks, etc. Ground was completely hard and dry at the time. No alcohol involved.

OTHER WITNESSES: Driving West bound on Rte. 224

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Approximately 9:00 P.M.

ENVIRONMENT: Long straight paved two-lane road. Creature came from corn field on left side and ran into heavy brush and wooded area on right side.

Follow-up investigation report:

UPDATE (07/30/21)

Submission Date 7/29/2021 4:24:27 PM
Category: Feedback on a posted Report
Subject: Correction on county for creature darting across road in Chemung County in 1999

Comment: September 13 1999
I was one of those firemen on the Odessa firetruck. It is not Chemung County it happened in. It was Schyuler County on 224, town of Alpine. The county is the only thing wrong. Thank you.

Submitter First Name John
Submitter Last Name Dorn III
Submitter's Email Address: