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Geographical Index > United States > Kentucky > Johnson County > Report # 1488
Report # 1488  (Class A)
Submitted by witness R.B. on Friday, January 26, 2001.
Young man sees BF run across a clearing, friend sees part of it

YEAR: 1999


MONTH: September

DATE: not sure

STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Johnson County

LOCATION DETAILS: Flat Gap, its past a church and the Flat Gap school. Keep going and on the right a sign says Tolver Branch go on the right side and its the last house.

NEAREST TOWN: Paintsville

NEAREST ROAD: Tolver Branch Road

OBSERVED: I was at Flat Gap with my friend Clay in September 1999. We were throwing rocks to his dog Bonnie when she stopped chasing them and her ears rose. Mine and Clay's hearts started pounding. I looked down the hill about 12 feet away when it jolted across the clearing. Clay said he only saw about the last second but I saw it all. He thought it was a bear like most stupid people do but it ran on two feet like a human. I have studied bigfoot ever since i could read. I know it was REAL.

ALSO NOTICED: A strange seal like yelp.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2 Throwing rocks to one's dog so it can fetch them.

OTHER STORIES: My dad has tons of stories from when he lived out there, I could fill out 10 more forms with that info.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: No clouds and about 60 degrees

ENVIRONMENT: A big farm with cows and by the woods.

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with this young man and his father. They are natives to the area and have heard other stories over many years. There are some very isolated places in the region and they indicated they could show me around if I can make it down.