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Report # 17168  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, December 30, 2006.
Nighttime sighting by motorists outside Grand Bay

YEAR: 1997

SEASON: Summer

STATE: Alabama

COUNTY: Mobile County

LOCATION DETAILS: traveling north from the Grand Bay exit of I-10 towards Dawes Road, just over the small bridge


NEAREST ROAD: Grand Bay- Wilmer Road

OBSERVED: My mother and I were en route to Mobile,AL from Boothville, LA. It was approximately 2 A.m. We left Interstate 10 travelling north towards the Dawes community where my mother grew up and most of our family still reside. We crossed the smaller of two bridges in close proximity to one another when we saw what we first thought must be a VERY large dog sitting in the opposite lane of the road. As we approached we saw the creature was sitting on haunches as a dog would but was face to face with us in the car ( an 80's model pontiac parisienne). It showed no fear and did not so much as budge as we passed it, it did turn it's head and watch us as we drove by. Unlike a dog the creature had a human like face that was the only part of its body not covered in long reddish brown hair. Even seated on its haunches the creature was about the height of an average man. It was more slender in build than the average "Bigfoot" we have seen portrayed in reports of sightings in the northern part of the US. We don't want to say this was a bigfoot but after watching a special on the history channel my mother and I agree that the similarities are enough to contact you and see what you think.

We would like to add that local legends about the "Grand Bay Wolfman" are numerous and we heard stories about the " hairy man monster " that likes to sit on bridges at night our entire lives, but up until we saw this thing for ourselves we never took them seriously.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2, we were traveling back to Mobile from a weekend in Louisiana

OTHER STORIES: All my life... stories about a hairy man beast sitting on bridges in that area were common even when my mother was a child, later it became known locally as the "Grand Bay Wolfman"

TIME AND CONDITIONS: about 2 am cst, dark road but our headlights fell directly on the creature

ENVIRONMENT: Heavily wooded rural area with several small creeks and swampy areas at the time only sparse population mostly farmhouses

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Kevin Smykal:

Interviewed witness on 2/4/2007. They got a rather close-up view of it's face as they passed within a few feet of it. Only a small portion of the face was not covered with hair. It's eyes and skin were dark. Ears were not visible. No discernable lips. The face looked vaguely human-like, but with a more flattened nose. They said it seemed to be unconcerned with them driving by.