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Report # 1783  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, December 14, 1997.
Night hunters hear strange screams in the woods

YEAR: 1985

SEASON: Unknown

DATE: Unknown

STATE: Alabama

COUNTY: Autauga County

LOCATION DETAILS: The events that I can describe took place along the Alabama River in Autauga Co. Aabama between the city of Prattville and the town of Autuagaville within a five or six mile radius of a creek named Rocky Branch

NEAREST TOWN: Between Prattville and Austuagaville


OBSERVED: From the top of this hill the river was almost visible about a mile away through the darkness. We got out of the truck and stood and looked down toward the river. I was raised in the outdoors hunting, fishing, trapping and watching wildlife. I like to imitate owls at night just to hear them respond to me. As my friend and I stood on the side of this hill I began to hoot to see if any owls would respond from the river bottom. Instead of being rewarded with owls responding to my calls I heard a scream or moan about three quarters of a mile away like I had never heard before. I asked my friend what in the hell was that? He replied that it was probably what some of the old farmhands referred to over the years as the hairy man, which some of them had told of seeing from time to time for many years. I hooted once again and the same scream replied only closer this time. We stood there a little longer and could hear something big coming up the hill through the woods very quickly. By the time we got into the truck we were treated to another hair curling scream still in the woods but getting close to the hayfield. We cranked the truck and drove as fast as we could thru the bumpy field. When we arrived at the gate my friend asked me to get out and close the gate so that nobody could trespass onto the property. The gate was a quarter to a half a mile away from where we were run out of the field. As I opened the truck door to get out I was treated to yet another scream from the hay field. The gate did not get closed that night.

What this was I do not know. I know that there was no livestock kept in this part of the farm. I do know that if this thing were discovered and somehow befriended that it would be a great asset to the U.S. Olympic team, for neither Jesse Owens or Carl Lewis can run cross country like this thing. This incident happened to me in 1985.

ALSO NOTICED: The hairy man has been seen in the general area before and after my encounter.

OTHER WITNESSES: A friend of the witness was with him at the time.

OTHER STORIES: Since this time I have talked to several people that have had experiences in the same general area as far back as the late 1940s. Some of these people have seen the creature and claim him to smell like a musty, wet dog. They say that he is between six and seven feet tall. I have had encounters with our friend since this one that I have written about. As far as I know nobody has seen the hairy man on the Autauga County side of the river since around 1991.

The property near the area where he was seen most of the time has been sold and divide into 10 and 20 acre home lots. The reason that I found this website is because of an article that I read in Alabama Game and Fish magazine. This article was titled the Dallas Co. Monster and gave reports of people seeing an apelike man while deer hunting, being followed out of the woods and generally having the you know what scared out of them. these events in Dallas Co. have been taking place since around 1993. The area in Dallas Co. where these new sightings are taking place are almost directly across the river from where he was seen in Auauga Co..

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Spot lighting at night with the head lights of the truck.

ENVIRONMENT: I must tell you about the property. Here events similar to the one that I am about to tell you about have been told of for years.

This property was owned at the time by a farming company that had owned this farm for well over 100 years and they owned several thousands of acres near the Alabama River. This property is gently rolling hills with fairly old stands of oak, hickory ,pine, and dense thickets and old hedge rows of briars and pivot in some of the bottoms. I went with a friend of mine that worked on the farm one night to look at the deer which are every where out there. We used the truck headlights to look for deer, opossums ,coons, owls, etc.. We drove to the top of a hill which was a field that was surrounded on all sides by woods.