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Report # 1949  (Class A)
Submitted by witness D.M. on Friday, January 21, 2000.
Witness observed one unusual, large, human-like footprint near a "Miners" cabin at the top of Farmington Canyon

YEAR: 1975

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: 14


COUNTY: Davis County

LOCATION DETAILS: Near top of Farmington Canyon

NEAREST TOWN: Farmington

OBSERVED: I was taking a ride on my motorcycle up the canyon to see how far up I could go before reaching the snow level. I rode almost to the top of the range
when an 8'-0 high snow bank blocked the road. At this elevation, the dirt road was very muddy and very few people attempted the trip this high, this early in the
spring season. I parked the motorcycle at the base of the snow bank to see how the road looked beyond this obstacle. I noticed the small, " miners " log cabin about
50 feet away, and decided to explore the area around it, since there seemed to be fairly dry areas near the stream bank to sit and rest. As I was walking along the
stream bank, I came upon one unusual, large, human-like footprint, ( bare foot ). It wasn't as large as those I've seen in reports of " Bigfoot ", but, much larger than
my foot, ( which is size eleven and one half ). It was splayed out at the toes which made it very wide about 4 and a half inches. It also looked as though the " little "
toe had been dislocated, since it did not align with the rest of the foot and angled out at about 40 degrees. The next step for this creature would have put it's foot into
the freezing stream, then upwards into very dense low brush, and then thickly-wooded hill side. At that time, I decided I had rested enough.

ALSO NOTICED: Absence of sound. ( birds, wind,etc. )

ENVIRONMENT: Near a now-non existing miners' cabin at the top of Farmington Canyon, beside a stream. Around 1:00 pm. El. @ ABT. 9,500'.