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Report # 20523  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, July 28, 2007.
Possible whoops and knocks heard by relic hunter in the Ace Basin National Estuarine Research Reserve

YEAR: 2007

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 21

STATE: South Carolina

COUNTY: Colleton County



OBSERVED: Hello, what I'm going to descibe is real and nothing less.

My friend told me about this web site.
I'm going to tell you my story to the tee !
Saturday the 21 of 07, two friends of mine went to the coastal region of S.C. on a relic hunt involving metal detectors in search of civil war relics.
I met them at a boat landing on the Ashepoo river to unload the boat for a 30 min boat ride in alligator infested water.
Ariving at or destination we tied up the boat to a tree on the bank of the river. I've hunted here in the past during winter and encountered large boar.
It was very hard getting into the clearing because there is a narrow track of land with a 1700's slave dug dike on the right and on the left is a swamp that used to be probably rice or cotton feilds.
We got into the opening if you want to call it that compared what we went through to get there.
We had two way radios set them up to the right channel so we could stay in touch in case of getting lost.
Well after hunting for about 2 hours I heard a boar grunt which Im very familiar with from hunting in remote places , I ignored it and kept hunting.
A few min later I meet up with one of my partners and I asked him where Pete was so he got on the radio. Pete replied he was left of our posisioun about a mile. He went looking for new spots to hunt, I looked at Dennis and decided to take a 5 min break because of the intense heat, but sitting still we were swarmed with skeeters.
Dennis went to check out some large oaks on a hill. So I went right in some pines were the slave cabins were, about ten minites later I heard a loud " WOOP". I took my head phones off and ducked thinking first instinct that some one else was out there, but again I heard it load as day "WOOP" , it was definately- repeat- definately ape sounding. Then I heard a large stick hit a tree three times about 100 yards away. Then about 15 to 20 seconds later I heard it again hittng another tree. This time it was further off towards the river. Before I heard anything I smelled a foul stench in the breeze but thats not concrete evidence because of the dead boar I found in the past. I do believe in bigfoot and was happy this happend to me. I was not scared one bit but did get goose bumps.
I could see someone's mind play tricks on them if they were actually out looking for them but I was concentrating on finding relics.
I just cant fully desribe the sound it was so deep and DEFINATELY APE.
I hope yall take full instrest in this as much as I do. Thanks Eddie...




TIME AND CONDITIONS: Around 3 or 4 I did not have a watch.

ENVIRONMENT: Unhabitatible for humans, swamp pines and lots of vegetation.

A & G References: DeLorme SC page 59, C-9

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator :Leevon Patrick:

The witness is a collector of items from the Civil War era and frequently hunts in areas where old Civil War camps used to be. He takes old maps and overlays them with the new ones in order to locate his target areas. The plantation ruin he visited in July is only reached by boat as the tide dictates the area's accessibility.

The witness and his friends had split up over the area and were wearing headphones in order to listen to their metal detectors. The witness did not have the frequency up high when he heard the first vocalization. He recounted being watched and a powerful smell came over him. The woodknocks came from two separate directions with the closest one 100 yards away from him. He radioed his friends and they heard nothing. The witness had a feeling about what could be in there with him and did not feel it was menacing. He recalled the first time being in the area finding boar kills. The kills were near one another and the stomachs were ripped open. He recalled the scene as very unusual.

The area the men were relic hunting in is listed as a plantation ruin in coastal SC. It is surrounded by swamp and impenetrable with vegetation in places. Cyprus and Oak trees create a thick canopy overhead. Large venomous snakes, gators and wild pigs lend to the area's inhospitality.

The witness sent me photographs of his find.

About BFRO Investigator :Leevon Patrick:

Patty Lee (photo) lives in Lake County, Florida.

Patty attended the following BFRO expeditions: