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Report # 2070  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, March 28, 2001.
Two men see something walk up and over ridge behind home

YEAR: 1973?

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Chelan County

LOCATION DETAILS: Will need to talk to Dan to get the details, he can give them to you.


OBSERVED: I am the brother In-Law of the person who told me they had an experience back in the early 70's. My brother In-Law told me it bothered him for at least a year after he saw something.

Strangely enough,I have reported a sighting my family had in 1994 in Wyoming.This was reported in your February 2001 listing under new sightings.

My brother In Law Dan, told me of his experience after I told him that I reported mine to BFRO!

Dan's story goes like this: He had gone up to visit some people camping in a trailer. As he arrived and turned off his motorcycle engine, he observed something dark in color moving on an open hillside below a timber line. There was snow on the ground, it was getting towards dusk and it was a little foggy.The thing was two hundred and fifty yards away approximately.

As Dan observed this thing, he noticed it was quite tall, seven feet or more in height. This thing let Dan know that he saw Dan by looking back directly at Dan, as he continued walking uphill towards the timber. He looked back at Dan several times without breaking his stride. His stride was long, longer than a man's, and was effortless as he walked through the snow.

Dan thought, what kind of a man would be wearing a dark hairy suite that covered his entire body, out in the forest?

Dan also noticed that this thing was much bigger than any man he has seen and it's build was very big! Dan felt it could weigh a good six hundred pounds or so.

This creature disappeared into the timber. Dan knew he had seen something very unusual and he was aware of Big Foot sightings in the news. He just let his story go all these years until I am now reporting it to you.

ALSO NOTICED: Ask Dan, I do not know.

OTHER WITNESSES: Just Dan as far as I know but you will need to ask him.

OTHER STORIES: Ask Dan. I have read of four sightings on your list out of Leavenworth, Wa., in Chelan county. These sightings go back to 1976. Leavenworth is about twenty minutes from Wenatchee. wa.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Dusk. Some fog. Could see the Thing clearly although.

ENVIRONMENT: Pine forest with an open hillside below tree line.
ask Dan for more details.

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke to the witness that spotted the biped walking, not running across the slope behind Wenatchee Heights.

"The area is not the same anymore. More housing has popped up in the area and the cherry trees that use to be back there are now gone”, said the witness.

The witnesses were dirt bike riding and just returned to his friends house, now deceased, when they looked up on the hills and noticed this brownish colored biped walking out in the open. At no time did this figure break his stride, even turning to look at them as it walked over the ridge and out of sight.

"The area it was heading, there is a deep canyon and a lot of foliage for it to hide, but it's hard to explain just why it was on this side with so much light out yet."