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Report # 21808  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, September 30, 2007.
Possible sighting by family walking their dog near Auburn

YEAR: 2007


MONTH: September

DATE: 30

STATE: California

COUNTY: Placer County

LOCATION DETAILS: take I-80 east bound toward reno from auburn, take meadow vista exit, cross over overpass, take frontage road left which i believe is still drycreek, you will hit a lake on your left. lake arthur

NEAREST TOWN: right off of I-80, between auburn and meadow vista exit on drycreek road

NEAREST ROAD: drycreek rd., I-80

OBSERVED: ok. this story is happening right now...went out with my kids, my sister & my girlfriend to the park in auburn ca. after that we went driving through a very rich housing development to see the address signs that i made for the houses at my work, we were close to a lake called lake arthur. it was about 7pm? sunday, today, sept 30? we walked along the trail there about 30 ft. came upon a large tree branch or small tree, about 13 ft long, 12" in diameter. i picked it up on end and tumbled it down the small hill side/river bank, then again to get it in the water...very heavy. no apparent reason for it to be lying across the path at all. continued on deeper down the path about 1/4 mile or more to a dead end. by this time it was very minimal light, started walking back our dog took a crap in the path ahead, and you could see it darker on the yellowish oak leave covered dirt path, and we could see to avoid it, when we got to the area that i moved the tree, my son said to me, watch out there is something dark and smooshy there, i stopped and looked at it, he said to me, it looks big though. it was a freshly wet imprint of a foot shape, and there were more leading from the lake up into the woods up a steep hillside. there was one great print, and a half a dozen others about 3'- 4' stride. and one like a slip or slide on the hillside. i said it looks like a small bigfoot print, because of the heel, and ball of the foot and a strange toe pattern. like pinky toe on the side of the foot. my kids got scared after that....i walked up the hillside where the prints lead about 20' into the woods, very minimal light, i saw 2 large black shapes laying down, one very large, and one about my girlfriends size about 5 feet away from the big one. both lying down.----girlfriend is about 5'1"heard noises, and backed off. as we walked the path the next 10-15 ft, we heard bipedal walking 2-3 steps, stopped when we stopped, and then continue. took my kids home, got my pistol, for protection only of course, and went back with my girlfriend. we took photos of the prints and measured them approx. 8" long. not very big. indentation, approx. 1" in pretty hard dry dirt. prints were wett and the rest of the ground was dry every where. my thought-maybe a curious smaller one came down and checked out the tree i pushed into the water and left the wet prints on the way back up? i have more on this, i hate typing, you can tell with my shortness in descriptions, i went back and heard an actual deep breath/slight grunt and more bipedal steps, scared me, even though i know they dont tend to harm people, i totally believe in bigfoot, and i have never seen or heard anything before. i am extremely skeptical, and i study these kind of things. give me an email address so i can send the photos. i am going back in the morning. i am very excited about this. i have the photos, and 5 witnesses. my son found the tracks....they were almost crying to go home after the walking we heard. it was very heavy...not a bear, atleast the tracks were not. small human foot print with pinky toe on the side of the foot. not like your typical bigfoot print.this is within miles of sugarpine area, and foresthill. i have seen alot of stories in these areas on your site.

ALSO NOTICED: i felt it guys. i felt comfortable, and uneasy. i am not an outdoors man really. done alot of camping, but i have studied this stuff like you would. really have a huge interest in these things. but i am the biggest skeptic. if the one print wasnt as good as it was, i would have gotten the hell outta there after hearing the sounds as i would have thought it was a bear. iu am not afraid of a bigfoot, but then again, i got scared i guess. it was uneasy feeling.

OTHER WITNESSES: yes. my sister-29, my girlfriend-21, my two sons 5 & 9, our dog, which really flipped out and cried and howled at the area were the tree was right after i pushed it almost as if one of us fell inj and she was trying to help or something, and then myself - 30

OTHER STORIES: alot of stories in this area on your site.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 7-7:30pm? lighting was last streach of light, sun was down, but it was still alittle light out, by the time we left, it was practically dark. weather was alittle chilly for my kids, but i felt fine

ENVIRONMENT: good size stream leading into a lake. some picnic tables. alot of trees. shady. dirt path approx. 7' wide leading around half of the lake, lake on right, hillside/semi-dense trees on left. oak and other. alot of leaves on the ground...covering the ground actually.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Brandon Kiel:

I spoke with the witness and have the following to add:

He states that in the darkening light he followed the prints and clearly saw two "large, black, human-like" shapes laying very still among the general forest debris, almost as if they were trying to disappear amid the foliage. He describes it as being a "definite head-to-feet" body type of shape.

He estimates the largest to be roughly 6'6" and the smaller one to be 5'8". He could see no movement but felt that they were definitely not rocks or tree limbs.

He went back to the exact spot the next day in full light to confirm this and there was nothing laying where the forms had been.

The witness is interested in the study of bigfoot but states that he is "very skeptical and not one to rush to judgement".

About BFRO Investigator Brandon Kiel:

Brandon Kiel is a professional photographer and naturalist living in the Bay Area.

He was the chief coordinator of Northern California Expeditions for 7 years and has planned/attended more than 20 expeditions throughout the US.