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Geographical Index > United States > California > Mendocino County > Report # 2200
Report # 2200  (Class A)
Submitted by witness V. E. on Tuesday, July 13, 1999.
Ceature observed at playground

YEAR: 1963

SEASON: Summer

STATE: California

COUNTY: Mendocino County

LOCATION DETAILS: The sighting happened in Piercy; 12 miles north of Garberville, California, just off old Highway 1 which is now the California Coastal Highway One.

OBSERVED: We were all playing and having fun with a bunch of people at the Cook's Valley Campground in Piercy. A bunch of the kids were rough-housing and playing, making a lot of noise, when we all took notice of a terrible stench. It smelled like the carcass of a rotting deer and skunk combined. It really stunk!

We looked around to see where the smell was coming from, and there at the edge of the tree line stood a huge ape that we here in Garberville recognized immediately as a sasquatch. He had been standing there watching the children hard at play. He never made any attempt to come into the campground any further, but just stood there watching all the activity on the playground. At the nearest, the bigfoot was about 50 feet away from the closest child. He was brown, hairy and stood at least 8 feet tall. This was the last occurrance of a sighting of sasquatch in this area since 1963.

ALSO NOTICED: No, nothing unusual was heard. We only smelled it and then took notice of it. We stared back at it for a short length of time and it walked back into the woods. All of us saw the sasquatch.

OTHER WITNESSES: All of the witnesses were engaged in boisterous playing and rowdy fooling around like people do after dinner on the camp playground. There were many people out that night, but I don't know if Cook's Valley Campground was full or not.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Summer, 1963 about 9 o'clock at night, many years before the famous film was made in Bluff Creek, California some miles to the north of Garberville.

ENVIRONMENT: Typical campground clearing, surrounded by forest of redwood and various indigenous fern groves and forest pine trees. The forest floor is strewn with redwood humus.