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Geographical Index > United States > West Virginia > Kanawha County > Report # 23191
Report # 23191  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, February 18, 2008.
Man remembers seeing a large hairy creature in a cemetary near Marmet

YEAR: est.1990

SEASON: Summer

STATE: West Virginia

COUNTY: Kanawha County

LOCATION DETAILS: Marmet Memorial Gardens, Marmet, WV


NEAREST ROAD: WV Turnpike, Summit Drive

OBSERVED: I was walking home one evening, I have to walk through the graveyard on a paved road. It was right at dusk when I looked out into the graveyard to a far point over looking the WV Turnpike. I saw this large creature moving about the tombstones as if to be pacing back and fourth. It would stop sometimes as if to dig at a grave. It was very large, dark hairy appearance, ape like movements, shrugging of the shoulders and sometimes a hop to its step. It finally saw me and seemed to get upset when it started its shoulder movements and hopping motions, and it seemed to start toward me as if to run me away.
It worked!

ALSO NOTICED: Wailing sounds from it.



TIME AND CONDITIONS: 8:30pm. moonlight,clear,dry

ENVIRONMENT: The location is on a ridge with easy access to mountains.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Russ Jones:

I spoke to the 54 year-old witness at length by phone. He previously worked as a city councilman and police commissioner. He has also worked in a retail chain business for over 30 years. The siting occurred in a location which directly ties to miles of undeveloped and rugged mountains full of wildlife, springs, caves and old coal mines. He is familiar with wildlife, having hunted and lived in the country all of his life. He has had bears on his front porch and coyotes in his yard. Over the years he and his neighbors have heard a lot of strange "screams" and "howls" that they do not believe to be common area wildlife. The witness had no previous belief in Bigfoot and really knew nothing about the subject before his sighting. When he saw the creature 80-100 yards away, he knew "there was nothing else it could be".

About BFRO Investigator Russ Jones:

Dr. Jones brings a background of hunting, trapping and outdoor experiences together with undergraduate and graduate education. He is a master naturalist and has attended numerous public and private expeditions. He has led expeditions for the BFRO in Ohio and West Virginia. He has written two Bigfoot books, the last “The Appalachian Bigfoot” was an Amazon best selling book. He hosts the Wide Open Research Podcast on the Untold Radio Network. Dr. Jones may be contacted at