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Geographical Index > United States > Kentucky > Boone County > Report # 2365
Report # 2365  (Class C)
Submitted on Friday, September 22, 1995.
Strange "yowling" sounds heard behind home in Constance

YEAR: 1995

SEASON: Unknown

STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Boone County

LOCATION DETAILS: Along the Ohio River


OBSERVED: Some friends of ours who live by the Ohio River in Constance, Ky., have been telling us about a strange "yowling" from some large creature in the woods behind their house. Their description and the sound on the Sightings video tape were quite similar. The women is very familiar with animals and she cannot tell what this animal might be. They have heard the thing "crashing" through the underbrush. To my knowledge, nobody in the area has seen anything or reported footprints, but the woods are on a steep hillside along the river. I have seen coyotes in Northern Kentucky and I know that bobcats, bears, and other large animals appear from time to time, so this could be a false alarm, but I thought you might be interested.