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Report # 24929  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Ken and Deb on Tuesday, October 21, 2008.
Husband and wife have a possible encounter in a KOA campground north of Crescent City

YEAR: 2008


MONTH: October

DATE: 20th

STATE: California

COUNTY: Del Norte County

LOCATION DETAILS: KOA campground located just off of Highway 101, 5 miles north of town.

NEAREST TOWN: Crescent City, Ca

NEAREST ROAD: 5 miles north of town, off of hwy 101

OBSERVED: We were on our long vacation from Missouri, in Crescent City, California, staying at the KOA campground. This was our second night at this campground. We were camped at site 401, way back in the isolated section of the campground, far from anyone. I had just finished cooking our supper on the portable propane barbeque pit, which was located on the picnic table. We both went inside to eat.

During the time I was cooking, I set up a camp fire, but didn't light it yet. After we finished eating, I started the campfire. After the fire was burning for about 15 minutes, I kicked it into the fire pit from the grate. At that time my wife got a very strong feeling that we were being watched from behind our camper.

She said it seemed to move (the feeling) from behind the trailer, from one end to the other. There were trees, and dense foliage behind the trailer. I started to look around with a flash light to see what it was, and after not finding anything, I started the car and plugged in the 12v spot light.

Looking around for about 5 minutes, I thought I saw something move in the distance, behind a tree. This was in the opposite area from the trailer, where no one was camped at all. We both were shaken up, and went inside the trailer for the night. After 10 minutes my wife heard 2 whoops, coming from the area that I thought I saw something move at. She was in bed lying next to the window. I didn't hear the sound.

One more thing to add, is that the night before we heard dogs bark in the distance, this night it was all quiet no dogs at all. The closet camper was about 100 feet away towards the main office. There was no smell.

ALSO NOTICED: No smell. Just some sounds like movement in the foliage.

OTHER WITNESSES: Myself and my Wife.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Aprox 9:30pm local time, very dark, slight rain/mist, and it was about 47 degrees.

ENVIRONMENT: Dense redwood trees, and heavy foliage, matted soft forest floor, no sound walking.

A & G References: Northern California Delorme Atlas, Page 22, Index of B - 2/3

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Richard Hucklebridge:

Tonight, the 26th of January of 2009, Ken called me from his home state, and I had the chance to go over both, he and his wife's encounter that occurred in California last year. Note, this report was written from the male witness' point of view, but the female's point of view is a bit more revealing. Both Ken and Deb are grandparents in there fifties, and both were very credible in the retelling of their encounter last October of 2008, with several additional bits of information that can be added to this report.

Ken just finished cooking some grilled chicken, and went into their trailer to have dinner, and after dinner they both went outside to enjoy the fire. Per Debbie, this is when she began to feel like something was watching her, and she began to feel these horrible fearful foreboding feelings; at first behind her and then they seemed to move around her; first in one direction and then the other, in those darken areas around the trailer, and the forested area that was about 30 or so feet away. This witness said that she could feel the direction that those feelings were emanating from.

That is when Debbie decided to go back into the trailer and attempt to cover up and hide in her bed. Ken followed her in asking what was wrong, but she had a very difficult time even trying to talk to him; what she believed was caused by those feelings. So, that's when Ken went back outside and attempted to use a regular flash light to look around, but really couldn't see anything with that light, so that is when he retrieved his much more powerful 12 volt light, and by standing on his jeeps rear bumper he began looking around.

At about 30 or so feet into the forested area he noticed some sounds and movement in the forested area, where he observed something that was dark brown in color, but he only saw what he thought was the lower half of whatever it was, because he noticed something that looked like a large leg. This was only a momentary thing and he never could pick it up again.

Later on that night Debbie said that she heard two or three whooping sounds in the direction of the forested area while she was in bed covered up. Ken never heard those sounds. She also stated that while the encounter was going on she smelled something like a wet dirty dog smell that wasn't all that powerful, but it was present.

Per Ken, he never smelled anything or heard the whooping sounds that he could remember. But after he got home and some of his relatives told him about our website, the BFRO website, he then went to where we have some recordings of what is believed to be some real sasquatch sounds. He began to play them with his wife present and when she heard those whooping sounds, per Ken, Debbie's face went white; as in totally drained of blood. She then told her husband that is what was heard that night after those real bad feelings that felt like they had penetrated her body.

Note, Debbie wanted to leave the campground and move into a motel for that night, but just couldn't bring herself to go back outside again that night!

In Summary: I do believe that both of these witnesses were in the presence of at least one Sasquatch, because of what the female witness smelled, and the whooping sounds she heard, plus the dreadful feelings that she was feeling during the encounter. Ken did hear something out in the forested area, and he did see something move, but couldn't say for sure what it was that he was viewing.

What I find interesting is the fact that that the female witness had a direction of where those dreadful feelings were coming from, while the male witness never felt anything. Per the female witness, she stated that she is a Native American, and while she was a young girl, her grandmother attempted to tell her about these large creatures that were out and about, but she never paid much attention to her.

About BFRO Investigator Richard Hucklebridge: