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Report # 27206  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, January 25, 2010.
Young man sees two white hairy creatures while hiking in the Wichita Mountains

YEAR: 2005


MONTH: September

DATE: sunday

STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Comanche County

LOCATION DETAILS: its by meers



OBSERVED: Hi, I am from Cache, oklahoma my story takes place in the Wichita mountain just a couple of miles away from my home. About five years ago i was at camp Y'Shua for a church outting and there are mountains that surround the land. My grandma ask me if i want to hike this mountain with her and i said yes well we began to walk up this mountain and i take off from her and go ahead and im rushing up the mountain when i hear someone runing a little ways up from me so i go to see what it is and i see these two tall white creatures and they have hair that covers their bodies and i could even see the dirt stains in their fur they were so tall there faces were covered by the trees. so i ask them who they are and they dont answer so i keep asking questions and they dont respond so i yelled for my grandma and then start to run away until i couldnt see them no more. I told everyone what i saw i thought they were joggers but there is only one way up that mountain no other and i remembered the story my grandma told me bout the mountain next to it. Her brothers and sisters said they seen tall creatures with trees on there head.I believe that there is something in those mountains and it s more than one that have made it their home.

ALSO NOTICED: When my grandma was a little girl here grandma made a pie and told them to run up the mountain in front of their home she said run up the mountain and by the time you come back the pie will be cool so they did but my grandma stayed. a couple mintues later they come running down screaming saying they seen creatures with trees on their head


TIME AND CONDITIONS: it was in the afternoon, it was warm kinda windy

ENVIRONMENT: forrest, woods, mountains

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Tim Sermons:

The following can be added to the report.
- The witness was 18 years old at the time.
- There were two sighted both with dirty white hair.
- The distance was 25 yards as the creatures crossed the trail and hid behind some scrub brush. The witness stated they hid mostly their faces.
- The terrain is mostly scrub brush and mesquite trees and granite mountains and borders a federally protected wildlife refuge.

I have spoken to the witness several times and he has a number of stories from the area. This case is interesting to me as I went to high school 50 miles west of this location and have camped and hunted this area. The terrain is very rural and it borders a highly controlled federal wildlife refuge that houses Oklahoma's only wild Buffalo population. Access to this land is very restricted, except for the Comanche tribe.

About BFRO Investigator Tim Sermons:

-Navy Veteran - Hospital Corpsman, Field Medicine qualified
-Registered Nurse
-Currently working on MBA degree
-Experienced Hiker
-Attended Expeditions: Missouri '08, Georgia '09, Oklahoma Spring '09, Oklahoma Fall '09 and Missouri '09