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Geographical Index > United States > Ohio > Ashtabula County > Report # 30035
Report # 30035  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, July 18, 2011.
Man describes his dusk sighting near Geneva

YEAR: 2011

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 15


COUNTY: Ashtabula County

LOCATION DETAILS: The location is behind an industrial park, and is the only really wooded area we have. To get there, Take I-90 to the Geneva Exit, turn onto 534. At the intersection turn left onto U.S. 20. at your first street light, turn right onto south eagle. go to the end turn left and drive about 200 feet. he ran across another 100 feet from there


NEAREST ROAD: South Eagle St.

OBSERVED: I was out in the woods of Ashtabula County, Ohio in the Geneva area. I was picking up wood for a fire we were going to have at the neighbors house. I left my truck at the road, and walked into the woods to find some of the better wood and logs to use. I was coming out of the woods with some wood to put in the back of my truck, when a big hairy upright creature ran across the road and disappeared into the woods in four steps. I got in my truck and drove up there, turned my lights on where it went in to the woods, and I saw two yellow eyes glowing at me, and then they were gone. I'm 5'10 and the creature towered over me, I would say it was easily between 6'10" and 7'4". It was by far the scariest experience Ive ever had. As an avid hunter, I can tell you that I have never seen anything like this, and it was surely not a bear.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was 8:05 pm, I was trying to beat the dark so I didnt have to walk through the woods to get firewood unarmed. It was a sunny day, and it was fairly hot outside.

ENVIRONMENT: It is a fairly wooded semi residential area.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Brad Bacon:

I spoke with the witness in a phone interview and the following information can be included. The witness had not been out of his truck very long when he heard movement through the woods on the opposite side of the road. The witness told me he thought it was a deer and didnít think much of the noise. As he returned to his truck is when he saw the creature emerge from the woods from the opposite side of the road at a distance of about 30 yards. The witness described a very tall creature with dark brown hair. According to the witness, very muscular arms and legs were visible and the arms were long and swung behind the creature. The creature was focused on crossing the road and did not look in the direction of the witness. The witness was stunned by what he had seen, but still drove up the road to the point where the creature entered the woods. The witness slowed and looked out the passenger window and thatís when he noticed the eye reflection. The yellow reflection was probably from the truckís turn signal lights; still, it was enough to motivate the witness to promptly leave the area.

A short time after the interview, the witness contacted me to tell me that he was in the area again and heard what he described as wood knocking. I made an appointment with the witness to show me the area as BFRO report #29018 is in the same county and similar in nature to this witnessí sighting. At our first opportunity, the witness and I met and he showed me the area where he first heard the noise and the spot where the creature crossed the road. The witness demonstrated how the creature crossed the road, and claimed that it could not have been human as it crossed the road in two strides and was out of sight in a couple more. There is a drainage trench on each side of the road and the road measured 22 feet across. There is also a road sign at the point where the creature started its crossing and the sign assisted in the witness' height estimate. Iíve included a photo of the road and crossing point for reference. We continued to survey the area and noticed numerous wild berry bushes as well as various fruit trees. According to the witness, there is an ample deer population in the area. While this location is close to an industrial facility, the area does become fairly rural within a short distance. Additionally, several of the residences in the area contained sizable gardens along with fruit trees.

During the interview and subsequent visit, I found the witness to be credible. He enjoys the outdoors and hunting, but stressed he is not interested in seeing this creature again. The witness did agree to remain observant of his surroundings and contact me if there is any additional activity.

Photo of the road.

Point where the creature entered the road.

Point where the creature exited.

Terrain of the area.

About BFRO Investigator Brad Bacon:

Brad is a native Texan from McKinney. He grew up working with all forms of livestock and spent countless hours in the outdoors and this is where his interest in this subject began. Employment opportunities took him to Ohio where he actively investigated this subject in and around surrounding states. Brad holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M Commerce and a Associate of Science from Grayson College. Brad has also been a Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor for over 20 years. He attended the Pennsylvania 2009, 2011 and Tennessee 2010 expeditions. He has also Attended Texas 2012, 2014 and Kentucky 2013 as well as numerous private expeditions. He currently resides in a rural area northeast of McKinney, Texas.