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Report # 3027  (Class A)
Submitted by witness C.R. on Tuesday, August 21, 2001.
Three young people on an early morning outing hear roar followed by sighting

YEAR: 2001

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 21

STATE: California

COUNTY: Sierra County

LOCATION DETAILS: Take the "farad" exit off I-80 eastbound on the way to Reno,NV



OBSERVED: 3 of us went out to the woods to get away. We arrived at this loation about 3:00am. About 30 minutes later we heard a rustling in the bushes. We passed it off as a harmless critter. A couple seconds later we heard a blood curdiling bellow-scream-screech, and we flipped our lids. As we began to run to the car, something that resembles what most people call bigfoot took off into the woods.

ALSO NOTICED: This was unusual enough for me.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was with 2 others that witnessed this also. We went out there to be alone due to too many people around our house.

OTHER STORIES: No. I have not heard any other stories, I have only lived in this area for 1 year.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was dark, about 3:30am. Skys were clear, and it was about 60 degrees outside.

ENVIRONMENT: Heavy forest, river, railroad tracks near.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Richard Hucklebridge:

This evening, I contacted a young male, by phone, who stated that his initials were C. R. I think he is a college student in Nevada, and is living in a dorm. He claimed the encounter was an in and out affair. I took that to mean, they arrived at their location and left a little quicker.
I asked C. R. a few questions:
*What was the precise location? "It was just off of I-80. We used the Farad exit in California, which is located about two miles from the Nevada border."
*What features of the creature did you observe? "I seen the whole front side of it, but it was too dark to pick out any details. It was taller than me, and I am 6' 3", and it was about seventy feet from us."
*Could you tell what color it was? "No, because it was too dark, but I think it was dark in color."
*Did you ever notice any smell? "No, I didn't smell anything."
*Did you notice its ears? "Didn't notice any ears."
*Did you ever check for prints? "No!"
*Can you describe the sounds it made? "The sound was like a scared dog going to a raging jackal."
*How did you feel when you first saw it? "I felt scared and nervous."
*Did you ever see it move? "No, because I turned and ran for the car. I just heard it running into the woods."
*Was there any one with you? "Yes, two female friends."
*Did they see the same thing that you did? "I think so, but I know they heard it."

Summary: C.R. said he heard something and thinks what he saw was a bigfoot. C.R. stated to me they had not been smoking or drinking anything that might have caused them to think this was a hoax.