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Report # 30757  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, October 5, 2011.
Driver & passenger observe late night road crossing near Spruce Pine

YEAR: 2009


MONTH: September

STATE: North Carolina

COUNTY: Mcdowell County

LOCATION DETAILS: Leave spruce pine wal mart head toward the brp. there is a small field on the right about half a mile to a mile. that is the spot.. sorry so vague but there is not much in the way of land marks.

NEAREST TOWN: spruce pine, nc

NEAREST ROAD: hwy 226, and blue ridge parkway

OBSERVED: My girlfriend and i had been shopping at walmart in spruce pine nc late one night. we left to head for home which is about a 20 min drive. by this time it was about 2 am. we left wal mart and headed back out the highway toward the turn-off for marion(home). no cars were out only us, we see in our headlights about 150 feet ahead a dark brown hair covered animal crossing the road very slowly. We were probably traveling about 35mph. we looked at each other as if to see if the other was seeing the same thing i leaned forward in my seat to see if it was a bear, about that time we realized it was walking on two legs and was kinda side stepping and it was staring right at us. it was moving from the left side of the road to the right and then just disappeared into a field. we slowed down just as we approached the spot, it was and it was gone, no sign of it at all. this was something that neither of us had ever seen! I felt like whatever it was layed down in the field so we couldn't see it any more.
we didnt say a word for a few minuets becuase we just couldnt believe what we had seen. then we were like... did you just see that ?? what was that?? later we realized we had definately seen a sasquatch!

ALSO NOTICED: the way it looked right at us instead of just running as fast as possible like any normal animal would to get out of the road as fast as possible. It side stepped while looking right at us. its eyes were very vivid..

OTHER WITNESSES: 2 witnesses, We had just shopped at an all night wal mart. driving home.

OTHER STORIES: I have always heard tales of some sort of creature like this around the mountains here.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: around 2 am, dark road, very rural area, clear skies, crisp and cool.

ENVIRONMENT: Wooded area on the left side of the road, pisgah national forest. heavily wooded with pines and mixed hardwoods. right side of the road opened up into a field.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Rick Duane:

I spoke with the witness to this incident at length on the phone. The witness is a former Park Ranger and now teaches emergency personnel in Off Road EVO (Emergency Vehicle Operations). I find the witness credible and truthful.

The witness stated that he and his wife had gone to Wal-mart in Spruce Pine, NC on the night the incident took place (Wal-Mart being roughly a mile from the Blue Ridge Parkway). He stated that after leaving Wal-mart around 2AM the return trip to Marion, NC took them on a rural back road between the two towns. The night was described as being clear and cold with nothing that would interfere with visibility. This was late September early October time frame. Witness couldn't recall exact date due to the time between incident and present.

Witness stated that he was in the passenger seat and his wife was driving at a speed around 35mph - 40mph at or near the posted speed limit. He stated they were having a general conversation as they rounded a curve in the roadway. The first thing noticed as they came out of the curve into a straighter portion of the roadway about 100 - 150 feet in front of the vehicle was a very bright eye shine (yellow in color) from their headlights. He told his wife to immediately slow down because there was something in the roadway. He leaned closer toward the windshield of the vehicle (believing at first it may be a bear), trying to get a better focus on the animal in the roadway. He stated at that moment he realized that the animal was on two legs and not four.

Animal was said to be walking from the left side of the roadway toward the right side of the roadway. The animal was somewhat "slumped over" and its arms extended down to about the knee area. The animal was covered in a reddish dark brown hair or fur and appeared to have a "strong upper body (thick) with strong legs, approximately six to seven feet tall." The animal appeared to be "side stepping" across the roadway. The animal continued in a quick side stepping fashion towards the right side of the roadway as they approached closer in their vehicle. The animal exited right side of roadway on two legs into a field that contained "knee high grass".

Witness stated that his wife slowed almost to a complete stop as they looked into the field trying to see the animal. They could not see any signs of an animal or any type of movement in the field. He stated there was no doubt that the animal had laid down in the tall grass in an effort not to be seen. He and his wife continued to look into the field for a couple of minutes and saw nothing.

They could not understand at that moment how the animal had evaded being seen in the field. They later concluded that the animal must have lain down. Witness stated he and his wife did not discuss the event immediately. Witness said it took a few minutes for them both to process what they had seen. He was absolutely sure that this was not a bear or any other animal he or his wife had ever seen.

Witness did state that there have always been people speaking of these types of incidents occurring in the area, he just never thought he would ever experience an event like this in his life. I will be visiting area in the near future by invite from the witness. E.O.R. ( End of Report)

About BFRO Investigator Rick Duane:

Rick is an experienced outdoorsman. Hunting, Hiking and Scuba Diving. He also has 16 yrs as a Law Enforcement Officer and 10 of those yrs as a Crime Scene Investigator. His experience also is with evidence collection and preservation. He currenetly works in Nuclear Security. He has been an independent Bigfoot/ Sasquatch investigator for many years and has now proudly joined the ranks of the BFRO. He has attended the BFRO GA Expedition 2011.