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Report # 3269  (Class B)
Submitted by witness B. A. on Saturday, October 27, 2001.
Matching vocalizations heard a decade apart

YEAR: 1978-1988

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 8/17/78

STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Taylor County

LOCATION DETAILS: Our property was located off of Spurlington Road, very near the Pittman Valley area of Taylor County.

NEAREST TOWN: Campbellsville


In 1977 my husband and I bought a small hobby farm in Taylor County, Kentucky.....just outside the town of Campbellsville. Our farm was surrounded by neighboring farms, but no one lived on the land bordering ours, the owners all lived in town. So, our little farm was fairly isolated and I liked it that way.

In the summer of 1978, I believe the month was July, my husband while alone at home, heard a sound one evening, that frightened the daylights out of him.......and he doesn't frighten easily. He called me at a friend's place, screaming at me, "where are the shotgun shells ?". His attitude, his franticness, scared me. I didn't know what was going on and he wouldn't tell me.....he just kept screaming "where are the shotgun shells ?". I finally told him and he slammed the phone down. It wasn't until later, that my husband related the story of what he had heard. He never did see anything and years went by with no answers to that 'cry' he had heard that evening. (Although, for the first several years, as we watched 'nature' films, which had various wildlife 'cries', I kept asking him.......did it sound like that ? To which he always replied "No, it was like nothing I had ever heard before".)

Now, it's 1988, again in the summer, and the month is August. It had just started to turn dark in the evening, when my husband came in from outside and all he said was "Do you want to hear that sound ?" He didn't have to say anymore. I knew right away what he was referring to, so we both went back outside and stood outside our kitchen window. I was standing there listening when I told him "I don't hear anything". He quickly replied......"Shhh.....just wait". So I continued to listen. All of a sudden this horrible 'cry' came up from our woods, where our two creeks merged. It caused chills to run up and down my spine! My first reaction was shock. Then another 'cry' was heard. This time, I felt myself slowly edging backwards towards the house. Whatever this 'thing' was.....the 'cry' was like nothing I had heard from any wild animal before and I remember starting to shake with fear. Then another 'cry' was heard, this time it came from across the road in the woods, where the creek continued to flow. This cry hadn't even "cresendoed", when there was another cry, heard from our side of the woods again. Oh my God.......there were "two" of them I thought!! That was it, I turned and ran into the house. My husband came in with me, but he grabbed the shotgun and went back outside. He wanted me to hold the light for him, as he investigated the woods.....and I stated "You're out of your mind, I'm not going back out there!"

That basically was all that happened that night. My husband never saw anything, nor did I. But I did smell was a very strong musty odor, that wasn't pleasant. Actually, the odor was like wafting across with the gentle sometimes it was very light, and sometimes much stronger. I remember wrinkling up my nose, when it was strong, and thinking "what on earth is that smell ?"

So now, after 10 years, I had heard the same sound that my husband had heard alone back in 1978. The next day, I did go down to where the two creeks meet and walked along the banks, looking for strange prints, but didn't see any. Even though it was broad daylight, and a gorgeous sunny day......just being down there gave me the creeps. What had happened the night before, had really shook me up and never again did I enjoy being down there anymore. Just the replay in my mind of those 'cries', was enough to make me 'jumpy' whenever I was close to the woods/creeks area again.

The sound of those 'cries' stuck in my mind....and I had a knawing feeling, that I had heard that sound before......but 'where' ??? I was a video collector back then (still am) and quickly went through all of my video collection, to see if anything would jog my memory. I have many natural wildlife tapes, so I thought, maybe that is where I had heard it. But when I came across a movie entitled "Sasquatch", a feeling inside of me, told me to watch this I did. I sat in my living room and watched all the way through that movie, until close to the end....they had the sound......the very same sound......that my husband and I had just heard a few nights ago!! As soon as I heard it, chills again ran up and down my spine. I quickly rewound the tape, to the beginning of where that "sound" was and left it there until my husband came home from work that evening. As soon as he came home, I told him I had something I wanted him to watch. So within a few minutes, he was seated in the living room and I played the tape. As soon as that 'cry' was heard on the tape, he jumped up yelling "That's it!.......That's the sound!!" We replayed that part of the tape over and over again.....trying to allow all this information to sink in. We now felt, we *knew* what we had was a "Sasquatch". Or actually, two of the middle of Kentucky!

An 'experience' like this, you don't ever can't! It'll stay with us, for the rest of our lives!

ALSO NOTICED: Actually, there were several odd things that I reflected on later. The first was that while I was listening for this strange sound, I realized later, that none of the normal Summer sounds were heard. No crickets, no katydids, no bullfrogs....none of the sounds that we always heard on a Summer evening were around. It was dead silent....until this thing let loose with this God-awful cry. Another was this odor that kept drifting up, it was really offensive. It's hard to describe, but it was like a musty smell, that also smelled like death too. Anyone who has lived in the country, and has had a rat die within the walls or floors, knows what I mean. Add a strong musty odor to this, and it's close to what I smelled that night. The third thing that I noticed, and maybe this is the oddest of them all, is that my horse was standing near the barn, when all this happened, and he acted like nothing was wrong. Even when these things were howling or crying, or whatever you want to call that sound, my horse just acted like he heard nothing. He continued to munch on grass, as if he neither heard nor sensed anything wrong. This has always baffled me.

OTHER WITNESSES: Just my husband the first time, and then my husband and myself the second time. In 1978, my husband had driven back home to retreive something. He had just come out of the house and was headed back to this truck, when this 'cry' stopped him dead in his tracks. He immediately turned and ran back to the house, to grab the shotgun & shells, and when he couldn't find the shells, is when he called me screaming "Where are the shotgun shells ?". In 1988, my husband was outside, although I don't remember why now, and I was in the kitchen, when he came rushing in asking me if I wanted to 'hear that sound'.

OTHER STORIES: No, the only other strange stories we heard, was that many of the locals had seen a black panther in the hills over the years. They said they had not only seen it, but heard it. I found this strange, as black panthers are not indigenous to Kentucky, unless a traveling circus had lost one, at one time. But so many people had told us this story, and it was certain, that they believed it. I know what we heard that night, was no "cat". The grunts and raspy sounds were more similiar to a bear, but MUCH deeper and more throaty. And that howl or cry, was unlike any wild animal I had ever heard. It can still cause me to shudder and send chills all across me.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Both times it was just as darkness fell over the land. Somewhere around 8:30 to 9:00pm.

ENVIRONMENT: The chilling cries came from our wooded area, where our two creeks merged together. This was at the bottom, where are land sloped downward. The woods continued on past our property line on both sides. We actually didn't have much woods, but the woods became much deeper on our neighbors property, where the creek continued to flow eastward.

Follow-up investigation report:

These vocalizations matched in-house sounds that, due to volume and similarity in nature, are thought to be bigfoot related. . The habitat and locale are similar in topography to other known locations frequented by the target species.

I talked at length on the phone with the witness and from her description, along with the musky odor that she experienced, the evidence points to sasquatch.