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Report # 35456  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, May 19, 2012.
Possible knocks, vocalizations and footprints found outside a home near Leitchfield

YEAR: 2012

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: 05/05/2012

STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Grayson County

LOCATION DETAILS: We are on the banks of rough river. Our home is located between the river and 1000's of acres of forest and cornfields.

NEAREST TOWN: Leitchfield


OBSERVED: About a month ago around 9:30pm cst, I was going out to feed my dogs after working outside with the kids all day, when I heard 3 SOLID wood knocks. The series was immediately followed by a horrific cry like I've never heard before (or since until I watched the show you did in Indiana) - the series of Knocks done in Morgan forest sounded more hollow than the knocks I heard at my house - the call or scream was dead on - except the one I heard lasted longer). After dropping the bag and running in, I gained my composure and attempted to feed my dogs again about 1/2 hr later and the same thing happened again! I freaked out and woke up my husband which I had never done before over a sound (and we've lived here secluded on the banks of rough river since 1994 - so I'm used to bobcats, coyotes and various other creatures. This was not like any I had heard except for the show. Anyway, I just mustered up the courage to go where I thought the sound came from and there were foot prints - very large and they looked like they had two big toes. Also, I have trained SAR tracking and AKC certified tracking bloodhounds and scented them from the track. They work the track for about twenty minutes and came up on a track and stopped dead in their tracks and refused to go any further (which they have NEVER done before). Anyway, I saw you show yesterday on iTunes and it hit me that I had to go look.

ALSO NOTICED: Found multiple footprints - scented dogs from one after tracking for twenty minutes stopped dead in their tracks after coming up to one path and refused to track further.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was late around 9:30 or 10pm on a beautiful spring night.


Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Mark Carney:

The witness has lived with her family on this piece of land, which used to be a Boy Scout Camp, since 1994. The area is fairly rural with a few houses between her and the river which are mainly seasonally occupied with few year-round residents. The area around her house is forest, grazing land and corn. She is accustomed to hearing coyotes and bobcats as well as other animals typical to a rural area such as this. The sounds that she reported were not typical and were very disturbing. The witness is well adjusted to her rural life and accustomed to what it offers.

During the evening of her encounter she had been checking on some dogs in a kennel as well as doing various small projects she had not been able to get done during the day. She had been putting some shepherds crooks in, and because the ground was hard she had to do quite a bit of pounding to get them in. She had been doing this for about a half an hour before her encounter. She described the wood knocks as being very solid and loud, something that would take a large and strong man to make. The screams were longer than what she has heard on the Finding Bigfoot Animal Planet TV shows and tended to be high pitched. Both time she heard the knocks and screams it sounded like they were coming from behind the shed that her dogs were in. After the first wood knocks and screams she ran into the house. It took her a bit of time but she was worried about her dogs and went back out. The next set of wood knocks and howls came right after she had gone back out. She ran to the house and woke her husband and had him arm himself. They returned to check on her dogs but there was no more activity.

Later, she found a series of tracks.

Here is an image taken of a footprint:

She tried to make a cast but was unsuccessful. Her husband placed his foot within a track, the track was 2 inches bigger all around than his size 10 shoe.

When she had one of her dogs track the scent he went to an abandoned house near hers, then returned to the forest. At one point he refused to continue and rushed back home, something he has never done before.

I found the witness to be level headed and credible.

About BFRO Investigator Mark Carney:

Mark is an avid camper and at home in the forest. He provides IT services for a small Thorougbred Horse research and publishing company he owns with his wife. He owns and maintains a small horse farm in central KY. He's attended TN 09, 10,11 as well as private excursions.