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Report # 398  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, October 4, 2000.
Woman and friend drive past amazing animal on Georgia backroad

YEAR: 1996

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 30

STATE: Georgia

COUNTY: Heard County

LOCATION DETAILS: Yellow Jacket Creek..... there is a little store at the entrance and it is about 1 to 2 miles to the lake... Bud could tell you more about the road numbers and names. I can get Bud's phone number for you to talk to him. You can call me if you'd like. Just let me know. I have tried off and on for the last few years to get some one and tell them what we saw, with no luck. I tried to call a 1-800 # and it was no longer in service and had to let it go. But it DID happen and I know what I saw. There is also an elderly man in Tucker Ga. who as a young adult was hunting around Yellow Jacket Creek and he made his sister bring him to me, an hour's ride, so we could talk about it. Said no one belived him and he was afraid to tell it. As we talked he started to cry. He had to be 80 at this time but said he remembered it in detail and was so glad that someone else had seen it, that he KNEW he wasn't crazy. This stays on my mind and I hope to hear from someone.
Thank you.

NEAREST TOWN: West Point Lake

NEAREST ROAD: Went in through the Newnan side

OBSERVED: It had to be July of 96, on a Sunday. It was the month of the "blue moon". Myself, a friend and my 17 year old son was going fishing at yellow jacket creek in West Point Georgia. I felt we needed to cut our all night fishing trip short, it was an urgent feeling I had, and knew we had to go. We were leaving the park about 12:00-1:00 A.M. There wasn't any lights on the long road and we were the only ones out that time of night.
We were in a Mitsubishi truck pulling a med size boat, needless to say, we couldn't go too fast. I'd say about 20 to 25 miles and hour at best. My friend and I saw something in the headlights and shouted "a deer!" At first Bud (my friend) thought it was a deer, but I could tell it was much bigger and was slowing down to get a better look. He was approx. 8 feet tall and was about the color of a deer. He was walking upright with long strides, his arms hung down to his knees, and his head was extremely large. It looked to me like his head was bigger than it should have been. He had sharp pointy features and darker hair was on the top of his head and down the back of his neck, spreading across his shoulders to about the shoulder blades and fading out. The rest of his hair was lighter in color and was close to the skin, like a deer. He walked on the right side of the road and as we approched, he veered off the shoulder of the road and eased off in the ditch, where he reached up and grabbed a mimosa tree limb, pulled it down as if to hide his face from us.
We both could see him from his shoulders down. I seen his ribs, the muscles in his hips and thighs, and legs, and partly his back. That's when I seen the hair fade into short close hair.
I remember in detail, his face was distorted almost, and darker. The cheek bones were almost spikey, (for lack of a better word).
Bud and I don't hate each other, but we are not the best of friends but he will verify everything, and, no, we were not drinking or doing drugs of any kind. It was a Sunday, and it was a full moon, the month of a blue moon. Bud said it had to be a werewolf for the longest, till I said it had to be bigfoot.

ALSO NOTICED: Just that he tried to hide his face, as if we couldn't see him if he couldn't see us,....

OTHER WITNESSES: One. Bud. He was riding. I was driving approx 20 miles per hour.

OTHER STORIES: See above... older man... his sister was a customer and he made her bring him over an hour's ride to talk to me about it. Said he seen this same thing as a young man while hunting.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 12-1:00 a.m. clear skies, no street lights, seen with head lights, very clearly

ENVIRONMENT: Mostly pines.... govt. land parks and rec.

Follow-up investigation report:

This observant witness added more description in a phone conversation with me. The animal was on the right side of the paved road, walking toward them as they drove. She got a very good look at it from a distance of 20-25 feet until she passed it. The car windows were closed, and she did not notice any unusual smell, nor did she hear the animal make any sound. She estimates that the sighting lasted from 25-40 seconds.

The wiry, dark hair on the head was reddish-brown. She described it as resembling a mane. It was longer on the back of the head. Rounded ears showed through the hair. When the longer head hair thinned away at the shoulder, the body hair was a light fawn color (like the color of a deer) and became as short as "deer hair."

The face was darker than the body. The witness saw that the head was round rather than oblong. The "features around the eyebrows and cheekbones were almost pointy." She commented that his features were "distorted." The animal "had a lot of grooves and sunk-in places in his face." The witness did not see the mouth well, though she noted that the lips were lighter in color than the face, and fatter than human lips. The nose was "Neanderthal-y." It was a wide nose, with something of a raised bridge. The eyes were deep-set.

The animal was enormous (about eight feet tall) and looked like "an obsessive weight-lifter." There was "no fat" on the animal. The "glutes bulged on the buttocks"; it had "massive pectorals." She saw enormous muscles in its rib cage and arms. Though she noted no genitalia, she felt it was a male from the lack of breasts. She also thought of it as young from the power of the build. Her closest look occurred as they passed the "hiding" animal, which had turned sideways as it covered its face with the mimosa branch.

I contacted Bud, the passenger in the car at the time of the sighting. He related the event to me, stating that what he saw was a "big, tall, hairy animal", with "fur all over him." He stated the animal was "stout."

The elderly man (a customer's brother) who visited the witness noted that the animal he saw was fawn-colored. She stated that he told her he was in a deer stand when he was about twenty years old. He saw the animal and was so frightened that he remained in the stand until dark, when he shot in the air four or five times so that his friends would find him. He said he came out of the tree stand running, sold his guns and never went back.

The final comment of the witness was that this was no man in a suit. She saw muscle moving under hair. She said it was like "a man walking!"