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Report # 44986  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, May 8, 2014.
Memory told of a close up daylight encounter with two, possibly young, Bigfoots near Abbeville

YEAR: 1953

SEASON: Summer

STATE: Alabama

COUNTY: Henry County

LOCATION DETAILS: Specific instructions omitted for privacy reasons.

NEAREST TOWN: Abbeville, Alabama

NEAREST ROAD: state highway 95

OBSERVED: When my aunt was about 11 or 12 years old, she was helping her older cousin (Jerry) in the field at her aunt's house in an area called "Screamer" in Henry County, Alabama. It was a hot day, and after some time Jerry grew very thirsty and asked my aunt to walk up the road to the house and get him a glass of water. My aunt then walked through the field back toward the dirt road leading to her aunt's house. Upon reaching the dirt road, she saw two creatures standing on the other side of the road. She stopped and began slowly backing up, then stopped again. She stood there looking at them, and they looking at her, for a minute or so, long enough for her to get a good look at them. They were only around 10 feet away from her at that point - she on one side of the dirt road and they on the other. She described them as standing next to each other. One was, in her estimation, around 5 feet tall and the other was slightly shorter, around 4 feet tall. She said that she got the impression that they were young. She said that they were "real hairy" and completely covered in dark brownish black hair, that they looked sort of like gorillas but with human looking faces with hair on them, human looking hands, and human looking feet. She said their noses were free of hair and that the color of their noses was dark brown or black, as were their feet and hands. They stood very still other than blinking, just looking at her. Except for being covered in thick hair, their faces looked human with regular human-looking noses. After a minute or so, she took off running as fast as she could back up to the house to get the water Jerry had requested. She did not look back as she ran. She got the water, and proceeded to walk back toward the field. The creatures were not there anymore. She never told anyone about this incident until just a couple of months ago because she was always afraid people would make fun of her.

OTHER WITNESSES: No other witnesses. just prior to the incident, the witness had been helping her cousin in the cornfield.


ENVIRONMENT: At the time of the sighting, there was only one house along that road, and the road was not paved. it was a dirt country road. The side of the road where the bigfoots were seen standing together was extremely dense forestry and trees for miles and miles. The opposite side of the road was a large cornfield where the witness and her cousin were working "putting soda on the corn" (fertilizing the corn) for the witness' aunt, who owned the cornfield (her cousin still lives there in the same house where he lived at the time of the sighting).

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator W. Gibson:

I was able to talk with the Aunt who was the witness and get confirmation that this account is accurate with the following additions:

Both creatures were slightly stooped.
Both had very long arms.
The location of this sighting is still mostly woodlands to this day with very few homes over a 60 square mile area. There is an abundance of wildlife and water with the Chattahoochee River/Walter F. George Reservoir 5 miles to the east.

The witness grew up with this area being called "Screamer" so she never questioned it. After she was grown and started to hear about Bigfoots she started to think that maybe Bigfoots were being heard screaming, giving the area the name. A few years ago she asked her older cousin, mentioned in this report, why the area was named Screamer and if he had ever seen or heard anything strange. His reply was that he had, but he wasn’t going to talk about it. Her cousin has since passed away so I could not contact him.

About BFRO Investigator W. Gibson:

W. Gibson is a retired educator and has had a lifelong interest in the Bigfoot phenomena since an encounter from his youth.