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Report # 4616  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, July 6, 2002.
Midnight sighting by children near Cass Lake, Minnesota

YEAR: 2002 1990

SEASON: Summer

DATE: 7/17/2002

STATE: Minnesota

COUNTY: Beltrami County

LOCATION DETAILS: wooded area on the blackduck road and by hw 91

NEAREST TOWN: cass lake


OBSERVED: my family is antive american and we live in northern MN near a small town named cass lake.(15 miles into the woods) well my family was having a spirtual gathering and all of a sudden there was a loud scream like a woman. but way louder and very eerie.
many others have seen "it" too. when i saw it it was on the side of the road all crouched over and it had dark shaggy hair and glowing eyes from the car lights.

ALSO NOTICED: back in the 80's my aunty was bring her baby home and she was driving on hw 91 when the baby started to cry so she pulled on to the side of the road to give her her bottle when something pounded on the back of her car and she got really scared and took off and 10 ft down the road she saw a tall man like creature with brown hair and big cheeks.


OTHER STORIES: alot just like people will be looking into the woods then might see him i believe he lives around here because all the elders around here always talk about him

TIME AND CONDITIONS: night time normal summer night

ENVIRONMENT: forest sort of swampy

Follow-up investigation report:

A 16-year-old girl, whom I spoke to by phone, submitted this report. I first spoke with the girl's mother who said without hesitation that she believed her daughter's account of seeing an animal who's description is included in this note.

The sighting was made at about midnight during the summer of 2000. The girl, her brother (not spoken to, but I hope to arrange it), and a cousin were being driven home. The children were riding in the back of an open pickup truck that was being driven by an older cousin. About 30 minutes prior to starting out for home, the brother saw a large animal on the road up from the house. He commented on it to the others and said he didn't know what it was.

Shortly after everyone in the truck headed down the "sugar sand" road (the opposite direction from where the boy had seen the large animal in the road), the girl saw a large animal just off the road in the weeds, crouching down. The truck's headlights made the animal's eyes shine green. The other children in back saw it too, and as the truck began passing by, the animal stood erect on its hind legs. The animal was about six feet tall, possibly somewhat shorter. It had "dark, shaggy" fur "like a dog's," that was about three inches long. Its "arms were long" and it had "big shoulders." The girl was very frightened - all the children were - and she could provide no information about the animal's head, neck, or face - except that the eyes shined green in the headlights.

The sighting took place northeast of Cass Lake, Minnesota, on the Leech Lake Indian Reservation, which borders the Chippewa National Forest. Black bears are common in the area but the girl is certain the animal they saw was not a bear and also that it was not a man. The girl has since seen the Patterson/Gimlin film and said that what she saw was "more slender... not quite as thick" as the film creature. The driver of the truck did not see the animal. No one returned to the area of the sighting to look for tracks.

If the animal seen up the road by the brother was the same animal seen down the road from the truck, it had to have passed near the home the children were visiting during the approximately 30 minutes between the two events. The girl was quite articulate and believable in her descriptions. She is also a firm believer that bigfoot creatures live in the forests around her home.