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Report # 58152  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, September 2, 2017.
Possible nighttime sighting by a motorist travelling thru a flooded area due to Hurricane Harvey near the town of Snook

YEAR: 2017

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: September

DATE: 2nd

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Burleson County

LOCATION DETAILS: 200-300yds west of Brazos River, just into Burleson County TX


NEAREST ROAD: Highway 60

OBSERVED: Traveling west on Highway 60 out of Brazos County TX into Burleson County TX , 200-300 yards after crossing the Brazos river I seen a large dark object on the side of the road. I was traveling about 80mph,so I passed it rather fast, this dark object rose up to a standing position and took a leap into the darkness.

I was raised in the mountains of upstate South Carolina, hunted and fished all over from Montana to Argentina. I've seen all kinds of animals, but I have never in my life seen anything like this. The river and areas has been severely flooded as Hurricane Harvey just came though this area, over 30 inches of rain in 2 days. I never really believed there were bigfoot, if so why has no one found a body or bones, or God forbid shot one of these beings. Well I am here to tell you, I now am a believer and it doesn't bother me if people call me a liar or crazy. I have nothing to gain from this and frankly don't care what anyone says, I know what I saw and I am now a believer that bigfoot is real, no doubt what so ever......

ALSO NOTICED: I will be going back to location in the day light to look for anything odd

OTHER WITNESSES: Alone in my truck

OTHER STORIES: Not heard of any


ENVIRONMENT: Flooded cotton and sorghum fields, along the river.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Lance Willoughby :

I contacted the witness by phone a few hours after the report, whom seems very credible. A retired veteran, leaving work from the local VFW, witnesses a creature stand up from a squatted position and step off the road. Follow up investigation reveals prints, food, bedding and escape path.

1. Witness leaves work at 2:30am and heads west on farm road 60 from College Station, TX. Traveling west he crosses the Brazos River bridge. Of note, the river is quite flooded from Hurricane Harvey, pushing some wildlife north. As he comes off the bridge he sees what he thinks is a large hog. However, it almost immediately stands up and steps off the road out of view.

2. The creature was viewed only for about two seconds. The witness saw a very tall and thick bipedal creature stand and take a step. It was very dark in color but he could not make out hair or other features. He estimates the creature to be 8ft tall and is confident in his measurement. This is due to his observation of street signs lining up with the bottom of his rear view mirror and that this creature was slightly taller than a street sign. I measured two nearby street signs that were both at about 8ft in height. The witness also claims the creature was as wide as a very large hog.

3. My interview of the witness revealed a man who was absolute in his opinion these creatures don't exist until this event. He was shaken, drove straight home and woke up his wife. After a coupe of hours he filed the report.

4. I asked the witness to return to the site and determine if any further evidence was there. Within a few minutes of his arrival he found seven prints at the bottom of the road's embankment. The prints are on a farm being tilled so he attempted to cast the prints.

5. I arrived at the site a few days later at 11pm and investigated the area until 4am with the witness. Observations:

a. The river is bordered with 50 to 100 feet of forest followed by farming for 100 miles north and south.

b. The creature's steps indicate it ran down the embankment and came to a hard stop, with those two prints having the most depth and features. It then stepped back toward the embankment and walked through high cane back to the river. It was obvious something large went through about 250 feet of cane. No prints were found in the cane.

Photo of pathway:

c. Along the side of the road where the creature was squatted were cucumber plants from previous years (since cotton is the current crop).

d. The next day I also found a bedding area at the point of the river and bridge. It was 25 feet into the cane and woods, large enough for several deer or one large animal.

See photo:

There were also some smaller prints found under the bridge but looked human.

5. The prints that were cast form the shape of a foot but have very little detail. This is due to the hard, crunchy dirt they were embedded in. However, one print had a pretty decent big toe and heal. It along with another print that was clearly a foot made up the two stop steps mentioned above. See photo:

Additionally, there was one print that was not cast that also clearly looked like a foot. Casting though would bring up all the tiny pebble sized dirt under the print and delete its features.

About BFRO Investigator Lance Willoughby :

Retired military officer dedicated to conducting investigations based on evidence, science, and hopefully sound judgment. Certified inspector, auditor, security professional, and project manager with decades of experience in national intelligence, communications, computer systems, and security operations.

Has investigated across Texas and Oklahoma over many years.