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Report # 5817  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, February 11, 2003.
Woman recalls childhood encounters

YEAR: 1976-1980

SEASON: Summer

STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Hughes County

LOCATION DETAILS: it was about 3 miles east of hwy 84. not too far from the mountain. There was creek that ran through the pasture.

NEAREST TOWN: Dustin, Oklahoma

NEAREST ROAD: county line east of Hwy 84

OBSERVED: We were walking down the road enjoying our summer vacation. When one of us noticed that there was something walking in the pasture North of where we were standing. It was close to 7 feet tall, had long white hair (at least a foot), was walking on two legs. It stopped when it noticed us standing there watching it. Actually we were almost too scared to run. Anyway it acted like it was going to come our way so we took off for a little ways then stopped to look again. Everyone knows that a fence with 6 strands of barbed wire is at least 5 feet tall right. Well, it stepped over that like it wasn't there and kept on going to the East taking long strides and swinging its arms back and forth while it walked. A few days later we were in the same general area and noticed some long white hair hooked on the top wire of the fence. We took it home to prove our story we told the day before. We called it a Honka. Have to say that we were more careful about how late we stayed out from that day on. Always made sure we were home before dark. Until the moment we saw it we had heard lots of stories but never believed them. Seeing is believing.

If you can talk to anyone in the Dustin area you will be told of several sightings of this nature and also will be told about what everyone called "The Light"

ALSO NOTICED: we found a long white hair on the top wire of one of the fences that crossed his property.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2 witnesses, my nephew and I we were enjoying our summer vacation. We were walking down the road toward our house.

OTHER STORIES: yes, lots of people talked about the Honka. I was probably 10 years old. I had taken a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich into the pasture to have a picnic lunch by a small pool of water that was surrounded by tress. It was very quiet and I liked the peacefulness that I always seemed to get when I went up there. I had just set down to enjoy my sandwich and koolaid when I heard something walking in the trees behind me. I listened for a moment and knowing there were no cows on our property the hair on my arms started to stand up. The foot steps were getting closer and there was a smell in the air that I could never describe again. I left my lunch and ran toward the house. As I was running away I could still hear the footsteps behind me. I returned a few days later with a friend to retrieve my jar. It was shattered and the bag my lunch was in was shredded. I never went that far into the pasture again by myself. The memory is still so vivid that it is almost as if it happend yesterday. My father told me stories after that of some strange encounters in his younger days while he was coon hunting. Our property was at the base of a mountain. There is a lot of trees on it. A creek that runs through it also. Now that I think back I can understand more about what I heard. It was definately a two legged animal of some kind.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: early afternoon maybe 2-3 p.m.

it was a hot sunny afternoon

ENVIRONMENT: open field. The man who owned the land at the time had cattle grazing on it. But, at the time of the sighting the cattle were on the west side of his property. He moved from frequently as most cattle ranchers do.

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness and I had an interesting conversation about her childhood experiences with "the honka."

The witness told me that the area in which she had her experiences is rich with stories from friends and distant neighbors who had similar encounters with these animals.

She recalled that the creature she saw was a "dirty white." She said she and her nephew must have watched it for several minutes, before the animal turned to walk toward them. At that time, the two children were overcome with fear and hurriedly left the scene.

Upon arriving home, the witness told her parents what she and her nephew saw. Even though her father had told her before of "the honka," the witness's parents still did not take the children seriously. Even after the children found the hair and showed it to the adults, the adults dismissed it as horse hair.

The witness told me that the visual encounter made "quite an impression" on her.