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Report # 58702  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, December 18, 2017.
Coyote hunter's possible encounter with white furred juvenile

YEAR: 2013


MONTH: November

DATE: 12


COUNTY: Mahoning County

LOCATION DETAILS: Fall woods and farm. Small creek temps in 40-50

NEAREST TOWN: North lima

NEAREST ROAD: New Buffalo Rd.

OBSERVED: I I was going coyote hunting in North Lima on my in-laws property. I was grabbing my gear out of my trunk and through the treeline I could see about 5 turkeys in a field.

About 50 or so feet to the left of them was what appeared to be an albino something, and it must have been sitting or lying down at time. By the time I was ready to get in woods the turkeys and that thing were out of sight. Upon entering the woods, almost immediately about 60 yds in front of me was this white fuzzy thing standing on 2 legs looking directly at me. We gazed at each other a minute at least and I began approaching.

It wasn't intimidating. In fact was only at most 4ft. tall. It began backing as I approached and then soon fled. Couldn't wrap my head around what the hell I just saw. Tried to shake it off and kept walking. Within no time it just appeared again. About 60 yds. I tried looking at it better through scope but my hands kept shaking and didn't feel right putting a rifle up at something I didn't understand.

I would get within 40 yds or so. It would back up. Then flee. Then popped out a third time. Got weird feeling of cat and mouse. Animals don't act like this. It was playing with me. I felt I was being lured into something. With creature still in sight I turned and went home.

ALSO NOTICED: Yes. On here. Beloit and Canfield. Which is very close

OTHER WITNESSES: Not significant other than what I said. I've been in those woods quite a bit. Never seen that before nor since

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Mid afternoon. Overcast. Cooler. My first time that year in woods with all leaves about shed

ENVIRONMENT: Just myself

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Amy Bue:

I spoke to the witness over the phone and found him to be very credible. I then took a partner with me and met him at the site of his report and received several new details, as follows:

He said when he first saw the white animal, he didnít think anything of it because it was at a distance. It seemed to be crouching or lying down near some turkeys. He told us that he thought it could possibly be a large owl or even a porcupine at first. But when he got closer to it, he was confused as to what it could possibly be. The witness is a wildlife exterminator, and very familiar with all types of wildlife in this particular area. He also used to manage a type of wildlife preserve in Florida. Againóhe knows animals.

The creature had disappeared as he was getting his gear out of his car and turned back around. After walking into the trees, the witness was startled to see it standing in the middle of the path about 50-60 yards in front of him. At this point he said the only thing that makes sense to him is that it was a young, white Bigfoot. He saw its arms and legs. He saw the domed shape of its head, and said that at one point it stood and was swaying back and forth. At another point, it was looking at him from behind a tree. It had no feathers. It was standing on two legs and would walk quickly in and out of the trees.

He said there were several points where he and the creature stared at each other for at least a minute. He wanted to get a better look at it, so he followed it until he became uneasy. He again described the actions between him and this white creature as being almost a cat-and-mouse game with it hiding and him following it. He would then try to get closer, but it would stay ahead of him. The closest he got to it was about 25-30 yards before it would turn and run or walk off. He described it as being fuzzy, and it was hard to see any facial features at that distance.
One time when he approached it, it took off and went toward a small ravine. He stopped and it stopped, walked back toward him a bit, and continued to stare at him. A few times it made swiveling head movements and shuffled its feet.

He confirmed that he did not feel comfortable raising his gun to it since he didnít know what it was, and he worried that it might be a neighborhood child in some kind of a costume at first. But the closer that he got to it, and the fact that it did not cry out when he began to raise his gun to look through the scope (he then lowered it quickly), convinced him that this was not the case.

Although he didnít feel threatened by the animal, he did feel wary of why it seemed to be so curious about him, and why it kept showing itself to let him follow it into the woods. The creature held its ground, but he decided it was time to go, so he left quickly.

About BFRO Investigator Amy Bue:

Amy Bue: Language arts teacher and writer in Ohio. After experiencing her own class B sighting in 2012, she became active as a Bigfoot researcher through solo investigations. Now she does investigations with friends and colleagues in several states.
Amy has attended several informal expeditions and investigations at Salt Fork State Park, Beaver Creek State Park, West Branch State Park, and Mohican State Park, as well as in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Washington, among others. She attended and volunteered with the 2018 Southern Ohio BFRO expedition.