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Report # 59333  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, April 23, 2018.
Resident's sighting three miles north of Wurtsmith Air Force Base

YEAR: 2016


MONTH: November

DATE: before the 15th

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Iosco County

LOCATION DETAILS: My house in about 3 mis north of Wurtsmith airport on 2882 F-41, I have approx 17 acres which backs up to 2500 acres of state land. there are a few houses in the area but cannot be seen from each other when the foliage is full.



OBSERVED: I was taking trash out to my dumpster at the end of my driveway. My driveway is fairly long over 100 yards and wooded on both sides and makes a slight turn. I had a flashlight with me as performed my task. When I was returning my light was trained on the ground before me watching were I was walking. I looked up and saw something moving away from the entrance to my garage (my main door was open). I could see in the lights from inside my garage that it was at least as tall as I (6'+) and was a brownish color. I shined my light at it. It moved purposefully but not hurried, quickly but not in fear. It was upright but I don't recall seeing legs, although my light was at the upper portion of it.

As it moved it almost glided (without the usual bobbing a person would make) and it was silent as it moved. I didn't notice any facial or distinguishing features. As it went behind my camper I stopped in my tracks for a moment to determine what it was I actually saw. I believed I caught a trespasser trying to rob me. I rounded the corner of the camper and shined the light at the edge of the treeline of my roundabout, and it was there again, the same form, but it moved into the treeline almost looking as it faded into them, no sound not a twig snapping. I never saw any eyes or face.

I ran in to grab my rifle and told my girlfriend to lock the door behind me as I went out to where it disappeared. The area was full of dead fall trees and other brush. I tried to traverse it but had extreme difficulty in doing so, let alone without any sound.

My neighboring property is a hunting cabin. A hunting party had just returned from dinner and saw me with a flashlight and rifle clamoring through the woods to their property. Fortunately open mindedness and cool heads were abound. I explained what had happened, my neighbor stated it could have been a Black Bear walking on his hind legs looking for the garbage. It seemed plausible (I know there are bears around my house) but that explanation never did sit right. With no tracks, the form taller than a bear even on hind legs would be. I didn't see a snout and it wasn't barrel shaped more thin and human like, gliding instead of the typical wobble a walking bear does, and the total absence of sound when entering the woods. I was more convinced it was a ghost more than bear.



OTHER STORIES: Yes, I spoke with Jeff Hansen about the incident and he suggested posting it here.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: it was night, about 8-9pm. Weather was calm but partly cloudy to overcast.

ENVIRONMENT: My side yard, surrounded by Pine forest and Cedar swamp marshes.

Gorilla walking

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jeff Hansen:

First, I would like to disclose that the witness and I shared an office at work. He is aware of my interest in the Bigfoot phenomena and as we were discussing a recent BF Townhall that I attended, he related his sighting to me. After listening to his account of what he saw that night; I suggested that he file a sighting report on the BFRO Website.

After I was assigned this report I met the witness at the house where the incident occurred. He has since then sold the house and the approximately 17 acres that it sits on.

The driveway loops around an area about 75 feet in diameter where the witness parked his fifth wheel camper.
I had the witness repeat his steps of that night and can add the following details to his account.

After taking the garbage to the road and returning down the dirt driveway, he was using the flashlight to avoid stepping in the many dips that are scattered along the length of the driveway. As he got closer to the house he noticed movement coming from the direction of his garage. His first sighting of the creature occurred when he was approximately 50 feet away. The creature was moving away from the garage and toward his fifth wheel camper walking in a bipedal motion which, the witness described as gliding and very smooth.

His truck and girlfriend’s car were parked in front of the garage and would have blocked some of the light emanating from the garage. His adjustable flashlight was set to a narrow beam.
Pointing his flashlight towards the figure he illuminated the creature’s torso, which along with the vehicles blocking the light from the garage may explain why he did not see the creature’s legs.
Observing the creature from the side, the witness estimates that the upper torso width, back to front, ranged from 20 to 24 inches and the shape of the head from the side was cone-like. The creature did not look in his direction and continued walking away from the garage and disappeared behind the fifth wheel.

Using the 12 foot height of the fifth wheel as a reference, he was able to estimate the height of the creature at 7 ½ to 8 feet tall.
When the creature went behind the fifth wheel, the witness quickly walked up to the fifth wheel and observed the creature enter the woods on the other side of the circular driveway about 100 feet from the front of the fifth wheel. At this point the creature disappeared quietly into the swampy woods which are very thick with many downed trees and brush covering the ground.