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Report # 62282  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, December 17, 2018.
Family has an early evening sighting while driving outside Oklahoma City

YEAR: 2013


STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Cleveland County

LOCATION DETAILS: At this time i don't want to share this information. It is very close to my home and I am still coming to terms with what we saw.

NEAREST TOWN: Oklahoma City

OBSERVED: We had lived out here for about 4 years at the time. We were driving down the dirt road and stopped by the apartment style mailboxes about a half mile or so from the house. While stopped I was talking to my husband and my oldest son started to mumble something but couldn't quite get it out. I look back at him and he's pointing towards the front of the truck. I look up but don't see anything at first. My husband was looking as well but didn't see anything either. Then I saw it. I couldn't speak either. I started slapping my husbands arm and pointed. It was across the road on the other side of the creek and up a little ways. It was on the left side of the fence which is thick brush. On the right was an open pasture which will hold cattle in rotation. At the time there were cattle in rotation but they were all huddled up across the pasture and right up next to the feed road. it was very looked like it could bend over and touch the ground on the right side of the fence without getting hurt by the barbwire. It stood there and then I think it noticed our truck and looked our way. It swung an arm out as it turned to look our way. I got scared and started to drive away. My son yelled to go back. I had only driven about 15 feet if that and I put the truck in reverse and when I backed it up the thing was gone. My husband says it has to have been a cow. I thought for years it had to have been a bear. But deep down I know that was no bear. When it turned it had a flat face not a bear snout. It didn't appear to be scared of us it was more of an uh oh moment. When it turned towards our truck and saw us it froze. I didn't move at all once it saw the truck. It was gone in seconds. Its been five years and we still don't like to run out to the truck after dark. We are in a secluded area an we all stay to ourselves out here. we don't talk about this to anyone and this is the first time we have shared our story. My whole little family saw this thing. So we have four people who now believe this thing is real. Since then we have continued to hear the low growls in the woods. What sounds like careful steps at night. I tell myself its a deer or something but I no longer believe its our typical wildlife.

ALSO NOTICED: When we rolled the windows down it was creepy quiet. The cattle, dogs and wildlife seemed to all be holding their breath.

OTHER WITNESSES: 4. just driving to dinner.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: it was late fall and early evening.

ENVIRONMENT: it was near a creek. Dense woods and cattle farms.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Bill S.:

I spoke to the witness for over an hour by phone. She was very pleasant and thoughtful during the discussion. At the time of the incident, it was early evening. They were about to turn off a dirt road and on to a now paved road, when the older son started pointing. It was at the 11 o’clock position in front of the truck at a distance of about 100 yards.

Her first thought was a bear. But the witness is well versed in the outdoors as she and her father were avid hunters early in her life. She “has seen bears, and bear sign and even knows what they smell like”. But then she realized this was not a bear. It did not have a snout. It had a flat face. It was not black and not grey it was a “smoky black” in color and it was huge. It was on the other side of a 6 row barbed wire fence that is 5 feet high. Ranchers will often keep their fence row clean by clearing out a 3-4 foot swath on the other side of the fence. It was standing in that cleaned area on the other side. She said the fence came up to the creature's waist. After some discussion and thought, we agreed if that was the case, the creature was between 8 – 9 feet tall. I asked her to estimate the creature’s weight. She instantly said 800 to 900 pounds. Sue has horses and is around a lot of cattle and has loaded cattle into trucks etc. So she is used to seeing large animals and estimating what they could weigh.

Sue called it a “him”. I asked her why she said that, and she said that she just got the feeling it was male and that “he was there with a purpose as if to do a job or protect something”. It had a flat face with a rounded head but a pronounced brow like a Cro-Magnon man. It had hair on its body and the hair was 2 inches but no more than 3 inches in length on its arm when it moved the arm. Its arms were very long. She emphasized that a few times just how long they were. When it realized they were there it turned to face them and sort of swung its left arm as if to point at them and then it rested both hands on the barbed wire fence and became as still as a statue as if it could not be seen if it was not moving. She said it rested its hands on the fence sort of like you would teach your young children, that this is a fence that can hurt you so you have to be careful touching it.

At this point, fear crept into the family and she was urged to drive away. She turned onto the paved road and drove 10 to 15 feet. She stopped and backed up about 30 feet. When they looked back the creature was gone. She was amazed because the brush behind the creature is incredibly thick brush with thorns and poison oak and poison ivy. She could not believe a man could have that quickly entered the brush, let alone something this big. She even commented that it was like it just vanished. She stated a couple of times that it was just GONE. The incident lasted between 30 – 45 seconds. She also noted that before and during the sighting it was eerily quiet on both sides of the truck. No birds or other sounds, but interestingly, after the creature left there were sounds on the left side (away) from the creature, but none on the right side of the truck.

She stated that she was getting goosebumps just retelling the story to me over the phone. We visited more about where they live and the surrounding area. She told me that occasionally they will hear what sounds like bipedal footsteps around the house. She emphasized that much like other rural areas, no person is dumb enough to walk on other people’s property at night as there is a decent chance it will get you shot.

About BFRO Investigator Bill S.:

Bill is a business owner who has attended OK 2011, AR 2012, CO 2012, NM 2013, NC 2014, CO 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and several private expeditions.