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Report # 7062  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, October 9, 2003.
Woman has sighting through dental office window.

YEAR: 2002


MONTH: November

DATE: 21

STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Rogers County


NEAREST TOWN: Catoosa, Oklahoma


OBSERVED: My sighting happened on November 21, 2002, on or about 7:30am in Catoosa, Rogers County, Oklahoma. I work in a dental office, and happened to look out of the window and saw what I automatically knew was a bigfoot/sasquatch, walking beside an abandoned house. It was very dark brown or nearly black, thick neck with broad shoulders,and had a wide skull, it was at least 7ft.tall. I only saw the backside of the animal. I can best describe it as primate looking animal that stood more upright than a gorilla but somewhat stooped, it slowly swung its arms, and had a slight knee bend.

ALSO NOTICED: None, I had not seen anything about the bigfoot, or heard anything it just happened,and I knew instantly what it was.

OTHER WITNESSES: No witnesses, but I imediatley called for my coworkers, and told them to come quickly, that I had just seen a bigfoot!


TIME AND CONDITIONS: 7:30am, past sunrise, light enough for me to see.

ENVIRONMENT: Urban surrounded by open fields.

Follow-up investigation report:

I talked to the witness about her sighting. She was adamant about what she saw and was able to provide me with the following additional details:

* The animal appeared to have a "swayed back;"

* It took long strides as it walked away;

* It swung its arms widely;

* The animal was at a distance of about 30 - 40 yards;

* It had a quick pace;

* The animal was extremely broad in width;

* From the vantage point of the witness, the animal's abdominal area seemed to slightly bulge. If her view were to be analogous to the face of a clock, she would have been roughly at the 7 o'clock position of the animal as it walked;

* She did not see the face and could provide no details about the hands or feet. No one thought to look for tracks afterward.

The witness told me that until her sighting, she had never really thought much about bigfoots or sasquatches. However, she said the animal that she saw was instantly recognizable to her as a bigfoot. She said that she wasn't really afraid when she saw it, but she did get excited.

The witness told me that the animal was walking beside an old "dilapidated" house. The animal's head was just below the fascia, which would have indicated a height of seven to eight feet.

The witness's husband urged her to file her report with the BFRO. Her co-workers still make light of her sighting, but the witness emphatically told me that she is not prone to making up stories; she saw what she saw.