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Report # 7416  (Class B)
Submitted on Thursday, November 20, 2003.
Mountain driver encounters creature crossing road near Oroville

YEAR: 2003

SEASON: Summer


STATE: California

COUNTY: Butte County

LOCATION DETAILS: Between Oroville and Forbestown. Just below [on the Oroville side of] Robinson Mill Rd.

NEAREST TOWN: Forbestown


OBSERVED: I am writing this for a friend who doesn't have internet access. Last summer, he was driving towards Oroville. He had just passed a place called Robinson Mill and came around a corner when right in front of him at about 100ft, something was crossing the road. It was walking on two legs and was covered in a medium brown hair from head to toe. One thing noticed was it's height; about 5 ft tall. It's build was long and thin for it's height. The hair hanging from its arms seemed to be long. It was very fast as it ran.

At first sighting, the being was walking across the road at leisurely pace but upon sensing my friend's approach, broke into what he described as a very hurried and incredibly fast pace. He said that it literally leapt into the brush alongside the road at a dead run. It never looked in the direction of my friend's approach. It was right in the mid day's sun and was a medium dark brown. It may have been a younger one or something because it seems in most sightings they are very tall.

Beginning of sighting was about a 100ft distance. Distance was 35 to 40 ft at the last part of sighting. He saw it leap into the Manzinita brush from only about 40 ft away!!

ALSO NOTICED: He said that it was very thin with long skinny arms and also the long hair hanging from arms. He said it had facial hair.


OTHER STORIES: Yes, have heard about several sightings in the area.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Middle of the Day. On a long downhill. Maybe since he was coasting downhill is the reason he got so close before being detected by "it"?

ENVIRONMENT: Mountains, foothills.

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with the author of this report at length on November 20, 2003, who was documenting the sighting for a close friend. The author has been a local logger in the area since 1984 and a friend of the witness since 1983. The witness is in his late 40's. This sighting took place in the early afternoon, mid-July 2003. The witness was driving to town in his pickup truck and coasting downhill when he came upon the creature crossing the road. The witness noted that the creature never looked directly at him, but broke into a run and leapt into the brush located approximately forty feet from the road. The witness noted how extremely "skinny" the creature appeared to be, that it was approximately 5 ft tall and that it had very thin arms with long hair hanging off of them.