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Report # 7441  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, November 23, 2003.
Forest worker has many encounters with bigfoot

YEAR: 1997

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 7-25-97

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Kitsap County

LOCATION DETAILS: township26North Range02East,Section#11,willamette Meridian, Kitsap county Washington

NEAREST TOWN: south Kingston

NEAREST ROAD: closest road is South Kingston, closest Hwy sr104

OBSERVED: My Boss and I work in forestry, were in the field allmost every day. We were working in this remote part of a Indian Reservation forested allotment. we were resurveying property lines and getting ready for a timber harvest. well this day we were resurveying the south side of this allotment heading east we were measuring every 100ft for a distance of 1320 ft. at approximate 11:00 a.m we kept hearing something following us eather behind us or our left or right it stayed approximate 100 to 250ft away from us. there was this stench real heavy oder that we kept smelling near us. I kept blamming my boss that he had crapped in his pants and he kept accusing me of doing the same he said theres only two of us out here and I know I didnt do it. well anyway we were taking a break from hacking through the brush with our machete and we were leaning against this 200 plus old growth blowdown fir tree. I took a cigarette out and lit up, and then there was this branch or twigs breaking like something large walking through the underbrush about a 120ft away. I could not find any rocks to throw in that direction but found a u shaped piece of wood that I throw near the spot where we heard the sounds. ( take note of piece of u shaped wood because in another encounter a few years later and only a couple of months ago I had that same piece thrown at me) it got quite like I said it was cloudy and kinda dark under the tree canopy. the noise came from the other side of this large salmonberry bushes then all of a sudden the clouds broke open and aloud some daylight through behind the bushes about 10ft so that the four creatures that were watching us you could see their shadow. I told my boss mike to take a look in that direction but because of his bad eye sight he could not see that well. there were two realy big adult males one skinny tall female with shoulder lenght hair and she had a bad hump on her back her breast were like a realy old women and she kept ringing her hands together as she was speaking to the other males. there was a child to her left that stood about 6ft tall but was dwarft by the three larger adult creatures. the two males stood still motionless they watched me and did not talk much to the female that was doing most of the talking in her own dialect the males seamed to motion to her to keep quite then the clouds had covered up the rays of light and it got dark again. my boss mike kinda had seen the shadows but tried to convince me it was his boss ken and some secretarys that he brought out into the woods that sometimes he does. right after that they kept following us and my boss mike got spooked and said lets get out of here and come back next week to finnish our survey.
AnimalSeen : the animals were almost 8ft except the child was 6ft tall.they were covered in fir or hair except for around there eyes and nose parts of there cheeks. one thing i did notice was i did knot see any ears on there head. the two large males were realy huge large broad shoulders, the female was tall thin with large hump on back between her shoulder blades,her breast saged near her waist.

ALSO NOTICED: have had several encounters.the one I had in June of 2000 made it to the local news paper. strange dialect, sounded like salish tribal language,except for when they started to panic they sounded like monkey or ape type sounds.
whistles,stomping,lots of branch or trees snapping in time I heard a loud Bog type howl.and pounding on what sounded like on a tree.

OTHER STORIES: have not been back to the spot where they stood at, But I have had a few sasquatch trackers back there. fred bradshaw,cliff crook,patric julian,Richard Grovers,Derrick Randle,Richard Noll are just a few of the trackers that have seen the site or area. they have even pointed out places where the creatures have sat down on the hillside. I have Had other more recent encounters with them.I even have a plaster cast of one foot print.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 1:30 to 3:30 pm. Hot, humid, overcast, cloudy with sun breaks

ENVIRONMENT: Swamp and numerous small creeks that empty into the Puget Sound the puget sound is approximate 1 mile South. Wooded, second growth and old growth trees of douglas fir. tree plantations differant age class.there is approximate 900+ acresin this area with farm houses residental homes surrounding foresteds area