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Report # 76464  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, October 5, 2023.
Large bipedal figure seen by pheasant hunter on public hunting land in Chichaqua Bottoms Greenbelt, near Bondurant

YEAR: 1997


MONTH: November

DATE: late 20s


COUNTY: Polk County

LOCATION DETAILS: 41.753600, -93.391301

NEAREST TOWN: Elkhart Iowa

NEAREST ROAD: Highway 65

OBSERVED: I was pheasant hunting with my dog in the Chichaqua public hunting area that bordered the South Skunk River and the diagonal highway that leads up to Marshalltown Iowa.

We had left a large stand of Big Blue stem grass and were on top of a large irrigation canal that had a service road next to it. Because of the service road, we were elevated above the surrounding fields.

My dog, who was even tempered started growling and barking towards a tree line about 150 yards away. This was very unusual for him, especially since he acted aggresive towards me. He and I were long distance running and hunting partners for many years.

Once I got him under control, I noticed a large, dark figure that was taller than the Big Blue Stem grass moving towards the treeline, then disappeared into the trees.

ALSO NOTICED: No, I did not return for some time after the event.

OTHER WITNESSES: Just my dog. We were hunting pheasants like we had done many times before.

OTHER STORIES: Yes, some years later I heard through other hunters of strange occurances and sightings in the area.
I believe in the early 2000s, another hunter had a similar encounter in the same location.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Event occurred during mid morning, conditions were cool, cloudy, gray and damp,with a slight breeze.
Visibility was excellent.

ENVIRONMENT: Tall native grass area, with mixed deciduous forests, agricultural fields and rivers

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Ontario Richardson:

I spoke with the witness at length over e-mail and phone about his encounter in 1997. He was 20 years old and was attending Iowa State University, majoring in anthropology. He now teaches Biology at an Arizona high school.

The witness was pheasant hunting with his dog, Hawkeye on a cold and grey Midwest morning. He came to rest on the top of an irrigation ditch and stopped to have a drink of water. He noticed his dog growling with its hackles raised to his SW. Approximately 150-300 yards away, he observed a dark brown, grizzled figure stand up out of the blue stem grass and walk SW into the timber. He observed the biped walking quickly for approximately 8-10 seconds. He was only able to see the top quarter of the chest and head, as the rest was obscured by tall blue stem. He noticed that the head or shoulders did not bob when it walked but appeared to glide, which stuck out to him as an abnormal gait.

I believe the sasquatch may have been crouched down in the blue stem looking for nesting birds and rodents. Blue stem is often used by these mammals as a place of shelter. Blue stem typically stands about 6-8í tall. Considering a possible terrain difference, this figure could be estimated around 7-8í tall.

This encounter occurred on the public hunting land located in Chichaqua Bottoms Greenbelt. The greenbelt stretches for almost 10 miles along the South Skunk River, which has a history of sightings.

The witnessís location was only Ĺ mile from the river. The riverís east side is flanked by timber. This timber is where he saw the creature entering.

This area contains marshes, wetlands, reconstructed and native prairie. The witness also commented that the DNR typically plants field corn near the bottoms, which is kept up year around as a form of sustenance for the wildlife. As a result, this spot would have a large draw for game animals which in tern would provide a bounty of food for a large predator. The timber would provide a means of quick access to an area where it could obscure itself.

The witness was shocked at what he had seen and quickly left the area. He told his immediate family and friends, who told him it was only a bear. He knew that this was not a bear. He did not return to this area for a very long time.

About BFRO Investigator Ontario Richardson:

- Native of Eastern Iowa

- BFA from Iowa State University (2015)

- National Account Manager for one of the largest contract security companies in the world

- Prior employment law as 911 Emergency Dispatcher

- Early years included family fishing trips in remote parts of Canada

- Several solo bigfoot investigations in Eastern and Southern Iowa

- Equipped for audio recording and casting tracks

- Attended 2023 Iowa BFRO expediton ; 2023 Minnesota BFRO expedition ; several private expeditions

- Recommended as BFRO investigator by expedition organzier Bob Barhite