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Report # 7669  (Class B)
Submitted on Tuesday, December 30, 2003.
Arrowhead hunter has distant encounter in Sulphur River bottoms.

YEAR: 2002

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August


STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Franklin County

NEAREST TOWN: Hagansport

OBSERVED: I was hunting arrowheads on some land that has a large lake on it. I was not really supposed to be there but I was just looking. I had been there about 4 hours and was leaving when I got on the lake shore I noticed about 300 yards away something in the water on the other shoreline. At first I thought it was just a stump but then it got up and moved. It was a good distance away but I know it was no bear. It never noticed me and keep soaking in the water. As i climbed up the dam to leave it must have seen me because it got up and walked to shore. I didn't see it as I finished crossing the dam to leave.

ALSO NOTICED: It had dark hair and was about 7 feet tall. Before leaving I thought I heard something in the water, but just thought it was the waves breaking on the shore. But when I was leaving it made me look towards the direction the sounds were coming from. I don't blame it for soaking, it was a very hot day.

OTHER WITNESSES: No other witnesses.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 5:30 pm. It was also very hot.

ENVIRONMENT: There is an old rice farm in the area, with wild persimmons and horseapples all around. The Sulphur River runs through the area. I was walking in the river bottoms.

Follow-up investigation report:

This sighting took place in Franklin County, near Hagansport, TX. I spoke to the witness on 9/06/2002.

The witness was with a friend, walking along the Sulphur River, hunting arrowheads. The Sulphur River runs through an old rice farm at this point. It was late afternoon around 5:30 pm. It was a sunny day and very hot, near 100 degrees. The two got separated and the friend decided to head back to the truck. The witness was walking along the shoreline when heard what sounded like a boat splashing in the water.

At approximately 200-250 yards away the witness spotted a stump along the opposite shore line. Then the stump started moving. At first he thought it was a black bear. The animal had not yet seen him. The sun was setting behind the witness. This could have been why the witness had not been spotted. The witness then climbed up to the dam. The dam is located on the southwest side of the bank. The animal was on the northeast side.

Once on top of the dam, he was 190 yards from the animal. It appeared to be sitting on his knees soaking in the river. Its arms were floating on top of the water. The wind was blowing towards the witness. He smelled nothing but dead fish. The area behind the animal has a pond with carp trapped in it. This area has a food and water source and woods.

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