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Report # 7731  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, January 8, 2004.
Hunting Partners Have Early Morning Roadway Sighting

YEAR: 72-73

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: October

STATE: California

COUNTY: Tehama County

LOCATION DETAILS: Get off I-5 @ South Ave, go south 1 mi to Tehama Ave, turn right, go over the over pass take first left, Barham Ave, go 1/4 mi and you're there.

NEAREST TOWN: Corning, California north//paskenta nw

NEAREST ROAD: Barham Ave, off Chase and Viola [which is now Tehama Ave I beleve] also it is like 1/4 mile from I-5

OBSERVED: Well, this was many-many years ago and I've actually been very reluctant to even mention this, but after reading your web site, and seeing various reports on the t.v. / and documentaries, has made me think even more of what I had seen that night.

What happened was one early Morning in 72 or 73, I was with my uncle and we were going either deer or bear hunting.

I would say it was about 4-5 in the morning, it was very crisp morning I would but it maybe 35-45 degrees.

We left my uncles ranch [my uncle and I], as we were going down the road about 3 miles from his house, I noticed out of the headlights what appeared to be maybe a cow coming out of an olive orchard. As we got closer, I noticed that the creature was on all fours, the upper part [thoracic] seemed to arch and it was higher, than the rear part [postural], the fur was dark but seemed to shine with the headlights, the head itself did seem to be round in a way with the exception that the occipital area seemed to be more pointy. The creature crossed the 2 way road, I would say that the length of the body itself was almost 1/2 the length of this 2-way country road. I did notice that it crossed the road in, I would say 3 strides. When it got to the other side it went down the irrigation ditch 2ft down, at this time it was coming out of the headlights, but the figure seemed to have stood, then take one step over the fence. So if we figure that it stood on a irrigation ditch 2ft below the road and then took a step over a 4ft fence, what ever it was huge.

There were things that did catch my attention.

1.The fur how it shined, it seemed to sway with the movements of the body.

2. At the level of the shoulders, I would say it was as the same height, as my uncles F-250 4wd, which I will say that the hood stands easily 5ft.

3. As we approached the creature did turn his head to look at us, the face was dark, humanoidish like, it's eyes where planted firmly in front and not to the side, also the creature seem to like growl at us because it did show us his teeth.

4. Now when the creature did turn his head, it seem to do so with some difficulty, as it completed its rotation of the head it seem to make its right shoulder move towards the back and I would attribute this because it had a very short neck.

5. The eyes in the headlights were RED, but yet the teeth did not seem to shine yet you knew they were teeth, also the mouth area seemed to be almost flat like, in other words more human like, and not a snout like a bear or cat would have.

After we passed I do remember my uncle mentioning that there must be a skunk around cause it stank. Personally, I cannot smell so I cannot account to that.

After it crossed the fence I could not see it any more.

p.s. You could see the movement of the muscles of the upper body.


OTHER WITNESSES: My uncle, but he does not remember the account [health issues].

OTHER STORIES: Sometimes the old timers that used to live there will say things like missing sheep, but thats about it.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 4-5 am Clear skies.

ENVIRONMENT: We were going north, olive orchard to the west, field to the east, if I remember correctly.

Follow-up investigation report:

Following my interview with the witness, the following details can be added to this report:

Regarding the sighting, the witness reports the creature’s head was very large, with a flat face and wide nose. He reported the eyes to shine red in the headlights, but also reported a brief glimpse of “white reflection” as the head turned away. His uncle acknowledged an animal crossing the road in front of them, but when asked what it was, replied something like “Oh, it was nothing”. The witness reports his uncle didn’t see the creature stand in the ditch and step over the fence on two feet, as it was on the witness’ side of the truck as they passed. He reports seeing the animal stand on two feet to cross the fence. He says the fence was approx. 4ft high. He reports the animal was out of the headlights when he stood erect, but was seen doing so in what little light was available to the witness at the time, but he lost sight of it after that.

Regarding additional local stories the witness related to me:

The witness reports a history of cattle and sheep disappearances from neighboring farms and ranches reported to him by “old-timers”, and he reports an unusually high population of coyotes (historically) in the area as well. The witness reports the area is predominantly an agricultural area, with many large fruit and nut orchards in the area, as well as many acres of field crops nearby.

The witness also reports hearing “screams’ while hunting in the same general area as a young man. He reports the screams were “several miles” away, and of a lower tonal quality than vocalization recordings he has heard on television and on the Internet. These screams were also witnessed by some of his boyhood hunting partners at the same time.

The witness also reports a strange occurrence while on a Boy Scout camp-out a couple of years after his roadway sighting. He reports attending a camp-out with several other troops at a pond / lake near “Black Butte”, CA. The witness reports he was in his tent one night and heard another scout “scream”, and then heard a huge crashing through the underbrush and trees. Soon afterward, a helicopter came to the campgrounds and evacuated the apparently hysterical scout from the area. Reportedly, many sheriffs soon arrived, armed with shotguns and flashlights, and went into the woods searching for the “wild hairy man” that the scout reportedly observed rummaging through his rucksack outside his tent. This witness did not actually witness the “hairy man” running into the woods, but heard it, as well as hearing the scout's scream quite clearly. And the excitement that followed is something he says he stayed up to witness. The “hairy man” hunt was evidently fruitless, as the witness heard no reports of a successful capture.