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Report # 8460  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, April 9, 2004.
Gold prospector has evening encounter with sasquatch

YEAR: 1995

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Idaho

COUNTY: Clearwater County



OBSERVED: There were two Incidents in the same area a week apart. The first time was about 2:00 p.m. or so. I was checking out an old placer claim. I felt like I was being followed. I could hear twigs being walked on. The funny thing was, it stayed behind me always. I felt like I was not alone, like I was being watched. I looked but could see nothing. I was alone. I thought nothing of it. The second time was the next weekend. My friend and I were prospecting and camped over night. There was an old cabin that had fallen over. All that was intact was the roof [A crawl space]. About an hour after dark with a lantern and a low campfire burning I heard what sounded like a woman screaming "down the canyon". This is hard to describe but it changed pitch and direction. It lasted about a full minute or so, without taking a breath and went from a high pitch to a deeper pitch to a bear like sound and ended like a wolf. It was loud. As it changed direction realized it was very tall and very close, just out of the light maybe 50 feet away. I jumped up after realizing how close it was and it was directed at me. I grabbed the fire axe. Then, it left as quietly as it came. We never saw it. My heart was pounding, scared to say the least. About 30 minutes later, about a quarter mile on the other side of camp. A wolf howled again. The next day we realized something had been sleeping in the old fallen cabin and an impression was in a small sand bar at the creek. It was square and fairly flat with a little out cropping like a twig or a small toe on the right side with the corners kind of round like heels. I dont know if it was related or not. In fact, call me naive, but a year later I was at home in a room away from the TV. A bigfoot program was on.[not paying attention]. I heard the recording of the sound one makes and the hair on my arms stood up. It was exactly the same sound! At that time, I worked and lived in the mountains. I dont spook easy but this one got my attention.

ALSO NOTICED: I felt like it was angry.We were not welcome.We had invaded its home and it had to leave. During the incident I felt challanged, but it never came into the light or camp.

OTHER WITNESSES: [xxx]? who has since moved. we've lost contact.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: the second time was 9:00 p.m.very dark,dense growth old cedars, clear star filled night.I don't remember if there was a moon or not.It seems like it could have been a full moon.

ENVIRONMENT: Dense,old growth cedar trees.Gold creek runs between the road and the cabin site. There is a narrow draw behind and to the left of the camp site with a spring running marsh to the left along base of hill to the west. This is the area where it was standing. It was between the marsh area and the cabin site.

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with the witness for about three hours over the phone. He no longer lives in Idaho but remembers all the details of what he and his friend experienced that evening.

The witness was familiar with the area because of the claims that he tried to acquire. He had given a lot of information about the history of the area he was prospecting, who had this claim from this year and when they moved on, etc.

The week prior when he was scouting area, he mentioned that he was being followed by something that always stayed behind him, never made its presence known. The witness never smelled or heard any type of vocals that day. He just remembers that everything went quiet, no birds, chipmunks or other animal noises.

He did come across a print in the sand that was not too distinct but large and odd in shape. He said that it was fresh, because the next day when out near the area he again looked at the print and noticed the drying of the edges. "Now that I think about it, I would associate that print to what happened to us later that night. I wouldn't say that I disbelieved in bigfoot, but knew them to be out there".

"What happened later that evening I will never forget." The witness went on to say, "This bigfoot never came within the light of the lantern or the small campfire that was built. It stayed out of the lighted areas; it started this scream that can only be described as a woman screaming, just the pitch of the scream, no words".

"As this sound continued it never took in another breath. It started out as a high pitch and then got lower, and the strangest thing was when it finished it almost sounded like a wolf howling... ALL IN ONE BREATH." According to the witness, it sounded as though the subject was spinning or turning as sound was made. When it finished with its howl it was as though it was facing the witness and the height of the sound was well above witness. He estimated to be within thirty feet of subject producing sound.

As he looked to where the sound was coming from, he stated that this vocal was too powerful to be a man or any animal that he was familiar with in the area and when it finished the latter part of the howl was directed at me. It did not want us around and the height of that scream was well over my head but

My friend was in denial the whole time of the screaming. He was the only other person out there at the time. I had asked him what he thought it might have been." I don't know"

After the scream, the witnesses wanted to pack up camp, but because of where their truck was located, "It was too dangerous for us to just pack up and leave, had to stay there".

The witness stated that it seemed that the subject was trying to get to its bedding area underneath an old cabin. The roof of the building looked at though something was using it for shelter...." I bet if someone returns to the site, they may retrieve hairs from underneath that roof".

I since lost contact with my partner over the years and to this day he still probably does not believe what we encountered that night was a bigfoot. After all, what kind of animal produces a sound like that, pretends to charge and then up and leaves?