Peter Travers'
Bigfoot / Sasquatch
Sketch Project

BFRO artist Pete Travers is working with close-range eyewitnesses to develop detailed sketches of bigfoots / sasquatches. He has developed several composite sketches so far, and is seeking contact with other close-range eyewitnesses to develop more sketches.

The sketches he has developed so far are not displayed on the web, in order to help preserve the clarity of individual witness memories. The actual development of the sketches occurs online, however. Peter creates initial sketches, then e-mails the sketch to the witness, then refines the sketch based upon the input of the witness. The process is repeated until the sketch looks as close as possible to what the witness observed. It is not a continuous process. It is separated into stages to make it as convenient as possible. Nor is it very time consuming. It is, however, very helpful for accumulating knowledge about these animals.

If you are close-range eyewitness and you are willing to work with a sketch artist, please contact Pete Travers at and describe your encounter.