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Report # 1028  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Dave A. on Tuesday, January 2, 2001.
Deer hunters find tracks in mountains northwest of Williams

YEAR: 1982


MONTH: October

STATE: Arizona

COUNTY: Coconino County

LOCATION DETAILS: North and west of Williams, Arizona, and about twenty to thirty miles south of the Grand Canyon.


NEAREST ROAD: Highway # 64 which runs from Williams to the Grand Canyon

OBSERVED: Im sure I know where an entire family of bigfoot live. I have seen all diferent sizes of foot im thinking family unit?.....I haven't said anything to anyone besides my family...for the usual reasons..people think your nuts.....If your interetsed in me telling you my story in detail...just ask....I don't wanna waste my time and go through this in great detail if no ones interested.

ALSO NOTICED: The nite before my dad heard something outside the camper.



TIME AND CONDITIONS: Middle of the day

ENVIRONMENT: All heavy pines..old growth logging.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Richard Hucklebridge:

Spoke with Dave A. today about his observations of numerous human type footprints of different sizes while he and his family were on a deer hunting trip in 1982. These tracks were observed when they had hiked a considerable distance from their campsite. The approximate location is in a mountainous area located north and west of Williams, Arizona, and between twenty to thirty miles south of the Grand Canyon.

Dave said the tracks still had sharp edges on them when they were first observed. So, Dave put one of his size twelve boots into one of the larger tracks, and the boot only filled it up about half way. He estimated the track to be about twenty-four inches long. Dave was impressed with the depth of the track, because he himself weighed in at well over two hundred and twenty pounds and he could not even come close to duplicating its depth.

His nephew who also witnessed the prints said they were probably just a hoax, but Dave thinks that they had hiked a little to far for anyone to have had the expertise and/or the wherewithal to fake that many prints of different sizes and to that depth.

I do believe that Dave saw bigfoot tracks of different sizes, because he has spent a great deal of time hunting and knows the differernt animal tracks that are found in his hunting areas. This report could have been a class A report if pictures and/or a cast had been made of the different tracks.