2017 Wisconsin-BFRO
Bigfoot Town Hall Meeting

Town: Weston, Wisconsin

Date: Saturday, August 5, 2017

Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Mountain Banquet & Conference Center

5902 Schofield Road, Weston, Wisconsin

Tickets $40. Limited Seats.

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ATTENTION Witnesses & Local Media

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Bigfoot sightings in Wisconsin occur predominantly in the watesheds and along the tributaries of a few major rivers: St.Croix River, Fambleu River and Wisconsin River.

The mostly unpublished sightings reports from Wisconsin collected by the BFRO over the years suggests a corridor from Iowa up to the UP loosely following the Wisconsin River. Very loosely.

wisconsin river

When bigfoots migrate north or south in Wisconsin they will use the arterial game trails used by transient deer herds when they move from one huge marsh or wildlife refuge to the next.

If not right along small shrouded creeks, those game trails will tend to be along power line routes, gas line routes or railroad beds.

Bigfoot researchers in Wisconsin should seek to identify the likely pathways throught the state and the marshy refuges they lead to.

Confidentally identifying those pathways hinges upon identifying credible witnesses and mapping the locations of their encounters. The credibility of witnesses is best determined in person and a town hall meeting has proven to be are very efficient way to amass a lot of reliable information in the course of a few hours. The mapping information gathered at the meeting will be displayed for the meeting attendees to note and photograph.

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