The Wyoming Location
© Johns Hopkins University; Courtesy of Ray Sterner

The BFRO has identified a location to recommend to all amateur and professional videographers. The location is along the road from Cody, Wyoming to Yellowstone National Park.

An individual report location listed in database indicates where one or more bigfoots were sighted or heard at one time in the past. Patterns of reports can indicate where bigfoots might be seen in the future. The location recommended here is one where a bigfoot is very likely to be seen again in the future, due to a pattern of past reports.

The two-part criteria for this recommendation is:

1) The location has a pattern of credible reports suggesting future daylight opportunities for footage, where

2) Several photographers would be able to seek footage simultaneously without disturbing or detering the bigfoot(s).

The BFRO is aware of several locations where one or two photographers would have relatively good odds for obtaining footage (if they could remain in the field for an extended period). Those areas, however, will not permit dozens of people to make separate, simultaneous attempts at footage, without substantially reducing the odds of success for everyone. That's why we do not publicly recommend every good location that we know about.
This location, on the other hand, can handle as many people as are likely to pursue this tip, while not reducing their individual odds.

This location near Yellowstone is in the jurisdiction of the Shoshone National Forest. It is patrolled by game wardens and law enforcement officers who are very effective at detering and intercepting poachers. The enforcement level makes the area safe to recommend to everyone else.

The Pattern of Reports

Directions and Suggestions