Newspaper Article : Beamsville Express August 25, 1965

This article refers to the Smithville monster having turned up in Campden, about seven miles to the northwest, apparently a few days later after it was in Smithville.

No less than seven people were reported to have called the provincial police to say that they had seen the monster, which all of them described as big, black and furry.

Wayne Beach said that the thing he saw a yard behind his car "just looked like a great big gorilla." Two 16-inch prints were reported found near a garage where Manfred Berg saw something he couldn't identify. Hector McDonald said he got a back view of the creature at night in his barn.

Ontartio Provincial Police downplayed the incidents saying "It's not a monster, there's no such thing as a beast half human and half animal. Somebody is playing a hoax."

From the book Sasquatch, The Apes Among Us by John Green

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