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Article submitted by Richard A. Hucklebridge

Friday, June 1, 1973

, Bigfoot surfaces again in Palmdale, Nine-Mile canyon.

By Chuck Wheeler
Lancaster, Ca. Daily Ledger Gazette

Several days ago that most elusive and haunting bigfoot creature, which has been giving Valley residents on the Eastside chills up and down their spines, was seen near the downtown section of Palmdale. Members of CBO, told the Ledger-Gazette that the man who saw the creature at 3:45 a.m. was in "dead earnest' and that he saw something "big and furry." "Without a doubt," Floyd Smith, CBO vice president, said, "he saw something."
Smith said that he and Fred Adams, CBO member, went to Nine-mile Canyon near Lake Isabella several days ago on a tip that the creature was in that area and both of them saw something. They believe, contrary to Tom Biscardi of B-F Enterprises, who uses an electronic device to search for the creature which he contends he has found photographed and shot, that a bigfoot creature is still in the Antelope Valley.
CBO members were perturbed with Biscardi for two reasons. One, he said that he and Ivan Marx, who has been hunting the bigfoot creature for more than 20 years, did not believe that CBO reports were valid, and two, Biscardi's members in a safari purportedly once shot one of the creatures.
Smith said that the man who saw the creature in Palmdale saw it running around his house. Evidently, the creature likes to run around houses and leaving footprints. That is its MO in the East Lancaster area where footprints were found around several houses recently. One woman reported that the creature ran around her house and scratched at the door. A small boy sent to tell his father supper was ready was found hours later crying near the corral. When asked what happened to him, he answered that a big, furry man would not let him pass.
Droppings from an animal believed to be bigfoot were found by CBO members near 270th St. East and Ave. J. It was near 100th St. East and Ave J that the two most credible sightings were reported, the first two, in fact. Those sightings were by two marines whose auto skid marks were found the next morning and then a week later a nineteen year old girl who came home from babysitting in the early morning hours.
When Smith and Adams spotted the creature recently at Nine mile Canyon, Adams saw the bottom part of it as it ran from them through the bush and it emerged momentarily at the spot where Smith was breaking camp. He saw just the upper part of the body. The creature was running up a steep incline when first spotted by the two men. They described it as being seven to eight feet tall. They intend to go back there and to keep searching close to home.

Bibliographical Information:

1973 Antelope Valley Bigfoot Sightings

You might find the following old newspaper articles of some interest. They pertain to Bigfoot sightings in our Antelope Valley during the early 70's. The paper that the articles came from is now defunct, and I believe that most of the people named are long gone. I'm taking the articles off of some very poor micro-fish film, on a lousy video and copy machine at our local library.
My family and I lived in Lancaster at the time that these articles were written. Some of the articles could be plausible, but others?
In the following newspaper articles, which were written by the papers staff writer, Chuck Wheeler, who worked for the Daily Ledger Gazette during this era. I'm only going to try and give you the pertinent sighting information, because there is a lot of extraneous fluff thatís intertwined in the articles.

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