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Article submitted by Richard Noll

Friday, January 5, 2001


News Bytes, ENN, Environmental News Network

New evidence that may support the existence of bigfoot has been discovered in Washington. Last September, the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization conducted an expedition in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in southern Washington.

The 13-person team used food, pheromones and recordings of what they believe may be bigfoot calls to lure the creature to them. What they got is the imprint of what appears to be a large, hairy primate in a mud bank where they had left apples to attract the creature. Several alleged footprints have been recorded over the years, but few body impressions have been observed.

BFRO researchers claim the imprint shows the left forearm, hip, thigh and heel of a large primate. They surmise that the creature made the impression as it sat down to eat the apples. Jeff Meldrum, an anthropologist from Idaho State University who examined the cast, reports that the imprint appears to have been made by a large, hair-covered hominid about 8 feet tall. Meldrum also identified dermal ridges, like human fingerprints, on the heel print. The BFRO has invited scientists and forensic specialists to examine the cast, but so far the group hasn't had any takers.

Bibliographical Information:

Jeff Meldrum, an anthropologist from Idaho State University in Pocatello, is one of the scientists who studied an imprint alleged to be that of bigfoot.

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